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  1. Okay, I guess that's the final nail in the coffin for a great idea, but stay tuned, next I'm starting a thread about the inferior mod features and the need for a mod CP. :lol:
  2. No, that is a misunderstanding. I want a list of usergroups with moderating powers and their members using the usergroup names as headers in the list. I think this is possible without hardcoding.
  3. Okay, on second thought I'm not entirely sure it knows who is a moderator and who is an administrator, but of course it does know about the supermod and ACP access privileges. Still, I think it would make a lot of sense to change the moderating team page to simply show staff by the usergroup to which they belong. In my book, administrators and moderators etc. are usergroups. ACP access on the other hand is a privilege that can be given either to a usergroup or to a member on an individual basis regardless of their usergroup.
  4. There is no magic involved as far as I know: It seems the software already knows how who is an administrators and who is a moderator, and this has nothing to do with ACP access. There are lots of settings e.g. in the ACP restrictions like "Can edit moderators?" and "Can edit ADMINS?" which seems to indicate it knows this. So to do the moderating team page properly, the software could simply list the Admins at the top and the moderator usergroups using each usergroup's name as the header. Very simple :)
  5. Doesn't sound very proper to me :)
  6. Thanks, that is a good idea for a workaround! (Though I would still like to see this implemented properly.)
  7. Consider not dropping LoFi in IPB 3.x

    Okay, thanks. So are you or anyone else using IP.Board Mobile for search bots with any success?
  8. After I gave restricted access to the AdminCP, the moderators are now listed as "Administrators" on "The moderating team" page. I would suggest to change this so that only proper administrators are listed as administrators.
  9. Multi-moderation, spam, and soft-deletion

    I agree with the OP. This is a must!
  10. Consider not dropping LoFi in IPB 3.x

    This is an old thread, but I think this is still valid: So what is this skin called? Is it the "IP.Board XML" style? Can the search bots really read XML?
  11. On the advanced search page there is an example for how to search for a string by enclosing it in quotes. The example is: "enclosing it in quotes". However, this won't work as it gives the following response: I reported this as a bug, but was told it was working as intended: http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/issue-24011-search-text-enclosed-in-quotes-wont-allow-words-shorter-than-3-characters/ So I think this is silly :) and needs to be changed. A user might want to search for a specific phrase that contains words of length < 3, although the phrase itself would be longer. (In either case, the example on the advanced search page is wrong as it doesn't work ...)