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  1. Paid Subsciptions

    You could use this Addon which is based on something from IPS but then got replaced by the IP.Nexus: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  2. 4.0 - Cover photos

    What abut using gallery images as cover photo?
  3. First spam PM - next steps?

    I would set it up like every new user needs a specific amount of posts to send PMs bout if you bought IP.Board this restriction is gone, cause I don't think that somebody would buy a license for sending Spam.
  4. Internallink auto replacer

    I've seen a feature like this at another forum, a little dicription how it works. You write a post which looks like this (using code so everything shows up as I type it) : What ever you want to write here: ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent> What ever. Then with IP.Board the result would be something like this: This is for internal Links only. What do you think about this idea? Would it be possible?
  5. The New thing is based on IP.Content with some edits to make it fit for the site.
  6. twitter login panel

    Really cool, could be an default option.
  7. trackersettings

    From the album Images

  8. Standalone IP.Content?

    It's not possible you need to install the forum, as it is bundled with this IP.Board-Core. You can remove the forum from public view but that's everything you can do.
  9. It might help to limit the number of login try over a specified time range. 1 minute => 15 Logins , 15 minutes => 100 Logins (from the same computer) You only have 15 logins in 1 minute but if they do 15 logins in a minute they are still over the limit of 100 logins after ~7 minutes an will be looked. You could go on with this limiting things. Now I would like to here something of the developers in this community would my idea help to increase security a little bit?
  10. Lack of Avatar Gallery in 3.2 Any Work-Around?

    They want the Avatar Gallery feature of IP.Board 3.1 back, so it is an IP.Board Topic. This Gallery was available even if there was no IP.Gallery.
  11. Addon Suggestion: Video "Gallery"

    For the majority of the videos you are right, but what about videos you could not upload to youtube or what ever due to copyrights? Encoding is a nice to have feature but for me it's not necessary, cause I only want to host the videos I couldn't upload anywhere else. So I never had the target to do what you described. The video system you linked to is OK, but I'm still missing some features, such as playlists and it would be cool to retrieve the video description+tags of the video pages.
  12. Addon Suggestion: Video "Gallery"

    Are you talking about something like this? (another link: ) I would like to see the gallery extended, so I can combine videos from various sources (local, youtube ...) and pictures together in albums and maybe play lists. There should be an option to chose whether I like my videos converted or just stored as it is done in the gallery now.
  13. If there is an option to decide, if I want to have this feature or not I could decide it on my own. In my view a Mod would be a bad thing in this way cause I would see problems with updates in the feature.
  14. That would be very cool. What about local playlist system so user can connect videos they like?
  15. Easy Pages