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  1. Controlling image display in 3.2

    We need to allow users to disable avatars / photos too. Apologies for he other thread started
  2. Is it possible to allow users to ignore user photos / avatars in the same way they can with signatures ?
  3. Firewall blocking rules

    Hi we use Plesk to admin our server, we have a ip range we would like to block we have used rules like which I think will block all ips that start from 220.73.1.* But how do you block wild card like 220.73.1*.* ?
  4. we have users asking for this as well
  5. csv auto populate calendars

    is an import facility for iCal vCal now in the pipeline? or is there a mod/hook that will do so?
  6. Moving to hosted questions

    Thanks, the mods we have used requires an edit to the template files is that considered core? Regards Simon
  7. Moving to hosted questions

    Currently using v2.1.7 Is there some code we can run to give us the average number of online users so we can see what hosted package is most applicable? Also just to confirm. Hooks and Applications can be used used. But what about Mods? The ones that are important to use are: pips and team icons to be displayed posts per day and member group to be displayed in the profile in topic view. Regards Simon