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  1. xCurlyx added a post in a topic my opinion of IPB 3.2   

    That site would honestly take most webmasters 1 to 2 hours to upgrade... sorry. All the apps are i know for a fact gonna be upgraded to 3.2 that skin could take like 20 mins if that and i dont see many other changes. The person for you should not have to charge for that it should usually be routine.

    Portal is a child from ip content now ips does not have time yo support all these applications they discontinued to 3rd party which would honestly do better there.
  2. xCurlyx added a post in a topic Need new FTP Client   

    filezilla will always be your best friend
  3. xCurlyx added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.2.0 - Visual Skin Editor   

    this saves me a ton with the small hex color changes for fonts and other small details speeds things up alot.
  4. xCurlyx added a post in a topic Add some IPBoard features ?   

    Pretty sure you can use the language changer soo yes. You may need to have someone convert a language if its not int he marketplace.

    The tabbed one theres a tut on it for 3.1x series not sure about 3.2 proboly can be done with js.

    and yes we have a friendly furl system that will redirect
  5. xCurlyx added a post in a topic Logo generator?   

    Try gimp works great and is free and simple!
  6. xCurlyx added a post in a topic My Questions before I buy   

    Ip subscriptions is the free version of nexus. Which is made mostly for premium or making money to run the board. Not really good for selling anything else.
  7. xCurlyx added a topic in General Chit Chat   

    Xboxbattles.com Domain For Sale!
    Sorry if i posted in the wrong place... wasnt sure where to post it.
    I am selling this domain as i closed the site.
    I feel this is a nice name for someone new wanted to start a gaming site.
    If you are interested in this domain please contact me @ any of the following.

    Aim: tonyrocks6411
    Email: tonysmodz@yahoo.com
    Skype: Tony_borst
    Pm me On ips.

    Contact me with a legit offer.

    Also if you are interested in a nice piece of script for a tournament system i own a license to a software called elitegamingladders. Look here for more info. My link
    Im asking 100 dollars for the license or best offer. I will also help you set it up and anything else you need good package here to start a new gaming site.

    Thanks Curly.
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  8. xCurlyx added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    how much would it be for ip content with a owner that already has a license
    is there any discount thinking about buying it i love it after working on another site i ran.
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  9. xCurlyx added a post in a topic No AUTO-RENEWAL feature?   

    Its not what youthink we need it to auto renew like soo they dont need to do anything it auto charges the money instead of them logging in to paypal and doing it everytime it runs out
  10. xCurlyx added a post in a topic No AUTO-RENEWAL feature?   

    hes saying soo they check a box called auto renew soo it just goes and automatically pays next time the subscriptions up
    it was in ip subscriptions.
  11. xCurlyx added a post in a topic IP.Subscriptions - Fight fraud   

    ip nexus is great for this because it makes invoices for the customer which you can use to keep track of it ! :)
  12. xCurlyx added a post in a topic IP.SEO suggestions (from a vBSEO user standpoint)   

    bumped for great ideas i would love to see in the next version of ip seo!
  13. xCurlyx added a post in a topic Want More Statistics   

    ip seo maybe helpful :)!