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  2. SuJay added a post in a topic IP Downloads compatibility for 3.1?   

    Purchased... figured it out. Please close this topic :)
  3. SuJay added a post in a topic IP Downloads compatibility for 3.1?   

    Thank you. Your suggestion is what I will do until I am ready to upgrade to the most recent version.

    My question now is: I have the option to purchase IP downloads from my client area. It is compatible with 3.2.x. How do I go about getting the IP Downloads 2.3.1?

    Who me? Confused?
  4. SuJay added a post in a topic IP Downloads compatibility for 3.1?   

    I currently run IPB3.1 with a classifieds plugin. I want to upgrade to the current version AND convert current classified plugin to Andy's classified plugin eventually.

    In the meantime, I wish to purchase IP Downloads and IP Nexus and run them on my current installation of 3.1.

    When I do upgrade (which will include IP Board +Classified +Downloads +Nexus) will I be able to upgrade them all at the same time?
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    Aha! Thank you for that explanation Wolfie... I like the sound of bundling products. Thanks again for your input.
  6. SuJay added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    IP Downloads compatibility for 3.1?
    I'm using IPB 3.1.

    If I purchase IP Downloads, which is compatible with IP 3.2

    Am I going to be able to use it with my current version of IPB? Will I be able to d/l the compatible version for my installation?
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  7. SuJay added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    Downloads, Nexus or both?
    I currently use IPB to run my forums and classifieds. I would like to add a new feature - selling digital products. I think this would need IP Downloads.

    However, I also want other members to be able to sell their digital products on the site but I'll take a percentage or commission from it. I think that I would need Nexus to facilitate this.

    Am I right in the above assumptions?

    I have a demo board taht I am trialling on but Downloads and Nexus are combined so it's hard for me to tell what is what. I think Nexus looks fantastic but not sure it would be worth the outlay in my situation. Wondering if I need it or if I can get by with only IP Downloads.
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  8. SuJay added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Lost or deleted profile fields
    I converted from Joomla (Kunena --> VB --> IPB) and somehow in the process I have lost or deleted the profile fields for website URL, AIM, Skype, etc.

    Can anyone tell me how I might go about either 1) restoring them or 2) making some new ones?
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