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  1. dlg added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    Registrarion and login integration with other scripts
    Is there any method, API or something on the marketplace in order to integrate the user registration between IPBoard and a couple of PHP Scripts?
    I'm looking for options, so any help or advice will be really appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance, Jesus
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  2. dlg added a post in a topic RSS Import Images   

    Of course this will be more useful :) and I'll love (as I think many will do) love this feature. How long until we have this feature ready?

    On my post/idea I was thinking on something easier and quicker while trying to implement mobile support on the short time.

    Thanks for your answer!
  3. dlg added a post in a topic RSS Import Images   

    Eventually we need to start thinking on useful features for our community.

    I'm thinking mobile people who's using all kind of apps to upload pictures from their mobiles, so lets think someone uploads a pic from their mobile to a 3rd party site (which give you access to a mobile app to do so) and then you can import those pics to your a private album in your gallery to a specific usergroup.

    This way you can take advance of 3rd party pictures websites and mobile apps while trying to create a more social oriented community creating private social groups with your IPBoard/IPGallery.

    I hope this can be done soon, we really need to get into more social stuff in order to make our communities grow to this days people requirements.


    We can help those user groups to configure everything while using our borads in order to create more traffic. This might sounds good because actually they can talk with some people and not just being a support ticket with bigger companies.
  4. dlg added a post in a topic Multiple sections - different colors   

    Hi Ian,

    Where can I found documentation to make this possible?

    If I use different colors per forum category, how will the upgrade between versions will work? I mean, does the upgrades respect this changes?

  5. dlg added a topic in IP.Blog   

    Multiple RSS imports per blog

    I posted a thread on the forums and it seems like this might be useful for more people.

    I'm trying to import my blog categories properly to the IPBoard blogs so, as wordpress give us a chance to have feeds per category, I'm wondering if...

    1. I create blog categories
    2. I add an RSS feed for the specific category in order to import just the word category content to the IPB category blog content. Obviously if I do this, I'll need to have linked more RSS feeds to my blog (one per category), is this possible?

    I hope this idea can be consider as it will give us a chance to organize properly our blogs.

    Hope it helps and its consider in the future

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  6. dlg added a post in a topic Integrating IP.Board with Disqus Single-Sign On   

    I was thinking today in something similar to disqus to be used with this forums as an external widget for other sites, but an idea like this might be intresting.

  7. dlg added a post in a topic Wordpress - Invision Bridge   

    I agree, I'll like to see if there's a demo or better yet a website in action where I can see how IP.Content works and how it looks like on a real website (Specifically I'll like to see a real life template)
  8. dlg added a post in a topic mod_rewrite from vBSEO to IPB   

    Thank you Brnado, I'll send them an email right away, as my boards are beign offline from 1 week, I need to get this up and running today.

  9. dlg added a post in a topic mod_rewrite from vBSEO to IPB   

    Hello Brandon, will you please clarify to me this:

    I'm leaving a nightmare because of URL's redirects, there seems to be poorly information about this on the docs and the forums.

  10. dlg added a post in a topic YouTube Embeded Videos   


    Will you mind to share with me (us) an example of BBCode for MP3 files?

    Thanks in advance