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  1. When clicking on a new message in the drop down in the messenger it seems to be taking me too the first page of the message when I think it should be taking me too the last page so I can atleast scroll down to the message? Beginning to be a pain to have to keep clicking the right arrow icon to take me to the last page to view the new message?
  2. Huge decrease in stats after switch to 3.2

    Are all of your google links still working after the upgrade?
  3. IP.Nexus 1.2 Dev Update: Advertisements In Store

    How about selling monthly packages?
  4. IP.Gallery 4.0: Interface Overview

    Nevermind... looks like Chrome doesnt want to load the video..
  5. IP.Gallery 4.0: Interface Overview

    So where is the video? I dont see a link?
  6. IP Nexus Banner Ad Server?

    Sick and Tired of OpenX. Im constantly having issues with Openx. Anyone know if IP Nexus will replace me having to use openx?
  7. Coming from a long time vB user (about 5 years) I just wanted to jump in and give props to the IPB staff. I have never had better customer service then IPB here! Hats off to you all! If your a vBulletin user trying to decide if you want to make the switch.... just take my word for it. Switching to Invision has given me more flexibility to do what I want with my board then vb ever could and the support is just an added bonus!
  8. IP Gallery 4

    Your reply is truly flawed here. I have boards that have not seen any change from the inception of myspace or facebook. People still want there niche community and facebook and myspace just do not provide this. Groups on myspace and facebook are no where near the control you get and community integration of a forum. If I had to pick the only thing that is lacking within most forums is the integration with the myspace, facebook, last.fm, etc. This would be my only gripe. If you could bring in those aspects then it would be much easier to coexist. If anything facebook, myspace has brought more traffic to my boards as more and more users become "social aware/educated".
  9. IP Gallery 4

    Everything sounds awesome but it's really hard to get a grasp from the teaser screen shots. Oh well glad to see a revamp!
  10. Advertisement Suggestions

    Ya definitely need time based limits and link ad campaigns to users. The advertising part without time based is useless for me without it. Great ideas though!
  11. Converting site two! at 1.3 mill posts and 500k to go!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. FadE.


      what sites are you converting? sounds like a pretty large community :P

    3. alex.1096@yahoo.com
    4. Anthony.


      awesome ... welcome to IPB :)

  12. IP.Nexus Second Pre-Sale

    Can't believe I Efing missed this! :(
  13. I feel that if there is a lot of time and effort into a mod and the quality is there I have no trouble paying for it.
  14. I would like to open the table for other developers! I would like to throw some cash at it to get it going.
  15. Same here! Looking forward to this! Hopefully its even better then the VB version which most mods here seem to be!