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  1. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Selling Domains

    These are the providers supported by whmcs - certainly the top 4 will attract professional domain registrars to Nexus. Enom ResellerClub/DirectI Nominet OpenSRS ResellOne OnlineNIC LogicBoxes PlanetDomain DistributeIT TPPInternet RegisterFly StarGate NameCheap NetEarthOne 12Register HexoNet RealtimeRegister IPMirror RRPProxy DotDNS WebNIC InternetBS NetRegistry TransIP DotTK Affordable Domains Bizcn
  2. New License Structure

    indeed - and nobody is suggesting not buying more licences :)
  3. New License Structure

    This would be wonderful if possible :)
  4. Instant Notification Floods Followers

    I would disagree. I use a vBulletin forum, which will only send me an update to a topic again if I visit the site - it is very annoying. I subscribe to a topic, because I want to be told about all the updates - not only one which if I forget to visit the board for a short while serves no purpose to man nor beast. IPS do provide and alternative for those who are probably in the minority and only want one update, but I am glad that they tell me about all replies. I would actually say that sending one update to a topic is less likely to brig people back to a topic than all replies, as the first reply migt be a simple 'thanks', whereas the reply after that might be constructive or controversial and would prompt someone watching to return and join in the conversation.
  5. I would have thought that using two domains would not comply with the licence terms for one, especially if one is on domainX.com and one on domainY.com
  6. Google+

    This would be nice to have alongside Facebook & Twitter.
  7. Purchase of multiple licences

    I think you will find many only charge once and you can use it on as many sites as you own. Others will charge per site. - so not sure how IPS would get around that.
  8. It would be nice if when setting up a new site/forum the default for posting is so that Banned, guests & validating do not have permission to post, reply, upload and download Might save a few people from accidentally allowing spammers onto new forums. :)
  9. Global sidebar - when can we expect it?

    Just because you dislike something, it does not mean others cannot enjoy it. Oh and why do you have a sidebar on your forum??? crazy......
  10. Hi, Now that guests can chat, would it be possible to restrict guests to a certain time period, or perhaps only be able to logon if a moderator is present. I could see the later being of benefit to companies where they want people to ask questions, but not when there is nobody to reply. Would also be nice if a different sound file could be used for a guest so that moderators could differentiate between guests and members. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Yes to both. Although IPS will not get involved in selling of accounts and is done at your own risk.
  12. Regret Upgrading

    Don't fear - remember many people complained about 3.0 / 3.1 and 3.2 - yet are now happily using it. At the end of the day we are talking about zip files - do people not sell on Ebay because they cannot upload a zip of images? Of course not. I am sure IPS will sort something out.
  13. Inactive Package

    Licence key is for 3.1.x only - no need to worry on 2.x :)
  14. More quick tags for bulk email

    Meant to say despite finding a way to add these, it would be nice if it was there as default as I could see these being very useful, especially when emailing lapsed members. It might save a few duplicate accounts.
  15. More quick tags for bulk email

    In case anyone comes accross this, I figured out the answer http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/322508-quick-tags-are-there-any-others/page__view__findpost__p__2027072