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  1. Import RSS feeds as posts

    Need a option to post rss in selected topic. Please consider
  2. +1 Some notification is very required
  3. Version V1


    ACP without transation. Only forum side.


  4. 3.2 Calendar RSVP options needed

    Sorry Allow un-RSVP? was not enabled. Thank you!
  5. 3.2 Calendar RSVP options needed

    everything went well durring update
  6. 3.2 Calendar RSVP does not allow un-rsvp

    anyone can explain where to enable un-RVSP ? 3.2.3 As notes saying that this was added to the IPCalendar v3.2.2version. My members still can't un-RVSP from the events
  7. 3.2 Calendar RSVP options needed

    So how this un-RSVP works now with 3.2.3? My members still can't see the un-RSVP button
  8. (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    Best addon ever!
  9. Лето. Море. Пиво.

    1. Breadfan


      Bome kod mene ovdje ljeto, more, kiša i vjetar.. :D

    2. viss02


      ma blago nama :P

    3. Buskopan
  10. IP.Board in iPAD

    it is fine...but if you using custom skins from time to time it looks not that good
  11. Fake stats?

    never saw any for 3.1.x
  12. Fake stats?

    if you bring the mouse over the nicknames you will see that all of them are "a minute ago" and the it is not modified Who is Online section as the numbers are changing every 2 minutes. of course. you can change the time limit to 180 minutes and type (2 minutes ago) in board index template
  13. Спасибо! :)

  14. Almost after-sales qustion

    Thank you :) I'm active almost 6 months )) Just paid for another great addon )) and couple hours ago my paiment for ip.content was approved from IPS side. Thanks
  15. Almost after-sales qustion

    bad. seems I have to plan other things to do on my weekend :( thanks for heads up Robert