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  1. Activity Stream - can't return to departure point

    As per the bug tracker, IPS are going to discuss this matter internally.  
  2. Activity Stream: make condensed view default?

    Ha ha, me as well and I have been using the software for FIVE years!
  3. Activity Stream: make condensed view default?

    A problem with several IPS features - they need to be more intuitive.
  4. Suggestion: remove unread content link for guests

    Yeah, i've noticed this on a few 4.1 sites, and it gives a bad first impression as the guest gets an error message almost as soon as they visit the site. Isn't this a bug? Surely if the software detects you are a guest, the Activity Stream link should give the guest a 'last 24 hours activity' or similar link rather than 'new content' link, which, as you say, takes you to an error message.
  5. I'm not sure if this is a bug, a design fault or an intentional feature. Therefore, I will also post this as a bug report. In AS, with the first 25 entries, a user go to the AS, then click through from AS to the actual topic/post, and then return to the AS (using browser back button). This is a quick and effective way of going through all the new content since a user's last visit, and is how most of my users expect a forum / blog to work. However if the user 'loads more activity', and then clicks through from the AS to an entry beyond entry 25 (say for example activity 37), clicks through to that entry and then returns to AS (using the back button), the user returns to the first 25 entries, not entry 37 (or whatever the point was that they left from). This means the user is (a) a bit lost as they haven't returned to the point they left from and (b) once / if they work out what has happened, they have to go through the process of loading more activity again, find where they had got to and then repeat the process. On a busy forum, where there may 50+, or 100+ items of new activity to go through, this becomes a very confusing and slow process for the user, involving multiple loading of more activity, and the busier the forum is, potentially the worse the user experience is. Therefore, can AS be improved so that the point you leave AS is the point you return to once you have read a specific entry and returned to AS by using the back button? Thanks NRR.
  6. Editor still blows chunks for quoting

    It shouldn't need this - it should be obvious to the user how to delete the box, otherwise users will simply get frustrated and give up.
  7. 4.1 Stream

    Yes, I would like this as well. I have asked before but was told no. I can't see any logical reason why the default shouldn't be set by the ACP.
  8. Activity Stream - last post?

    and it appears this one as well.
  9. Activity Stream - last post?

    Why doesn't clicking on the update time on posts within Activity Stream take you to the last post instead of the first post? Ringed in red. 1. This doesn't seem logical to me. 2. It doesn't follow convention in other parts of IPS4.X 3. It doesn't follow IPB3.x convention.
  10. My ONLY concern about the Activity Stream...

    I still find Activity Stream very slow - eg Unread Content takes 7-10 secs to load up on this site, compared with VNC on my site which is virtually instantaneous. This is a real pain from a users point of view, particularly if you like to move back and forth between the Activity Steam and topics. Are substantial speed improvements planned?
  11. Activity Stream: make condensed view default?

    I don't think it is without a Mod. I would like the default (condensed or expanded) to be an ACP option.
  12. What's holding you back from upgrading to IPB 4.x?

    I won't upgrade until some basic missing functionality is re-introduced, for example the ability of guests to be able to view 'new content'.
  13. Reputation Stats - very high in google rankings

    But it's still odd though - everyone bangs on about how 'content is king' in SEO, and yet pages such as these with almost zero content are ranking as high as those with content.Ralf's suggestion should stop it though.
  14. Reputation Stats - very high in google rankings

    Yes, I pointed out this issue months ago but unfortunately it was dismissed by IPS. 
  15. IPS4 Feature Plan