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  1. Activity Stream: make condensed view default?

    I don't think it is without a Mod. I would like the default (condensed or expanded) to be an ACP option.
  2. What's holding you back from upgrading to IPB 4.x?

    I won't upgrade until some basic missing functionality is re-introduced, for example the ability of guests to be able to view 'new content'.
  3. Reputation Stats - very high in google rankings

    But it's still odd though - everyone bangs on about how 'content is king' in SEO, and yet pages such as these with almost zero content are ranking as high as those with content.Ralf's suggestion should stop it though.
  4. Reputation Stats - very high in google rankings

    Yes, I pointed out this issue months ago but unfortunately it was dismissed by IPS. 
  5. IPS4 Feature Plan

  6. There has obviously been a lot of feedback / criticism / assorted angst directed towards IPS over the development of IPS 4.0 over the last few months - quite a bit of it from me But it seems to me that IPB are now generally postively responding to that feedback with lots of forum interaction, and new resources such as the Feature Plan and Release Notes. That really fills me with confidence for the future. There is nothing more frustrating than a problem with the software being pointed out again and again and the issue being (seemingly) ignored by IPB, but that appears to be less and less of a problem. Although some issues are still a bit murky (development of Pages, documentation etc), I think IPB now has a clearer roadmap than any of its competitors. Please keep up this level of engagement, its a win-win for everyone.Thanks IPS.
  7. 3.4 Features missing in 4.0

    I see that these release notes have now been improved (with a minor change to the URL provided by Mark) - do indeed give some indication of returning features AND timescales; these new release notes are certainly a welcome addition. A significant advance on your competitors as far as I'm aware - thank you.I still think that it would be useful to know which other missing features are under consideration by IPS and which ones won't be returning (eg because they're technically not feasible, minimal demand etc).
  8. 3.4 Features missing in 4.0

    Yes, that's helpful. But it doesn't deal with the issue of the majority of the missing features discussed in this (and other) threads where customers still do not know whether a missing feature is going to be returned or not. I repeat, this makes future planning for customers very difficult as to whether IPS4.0 is a potential upgrade.
  9. 3.4 Features missing in 4.0

    Yes, that's good. But we are going endlessly around in circles discussing the same features again and again (in this forum and several others) because we (the customers) have no idea whether a feature from 3.4.x will be restated to 4.0 / not restated / might be restated. For those features which will / may be restated in 4.0, we have no idea of timescale.Perhaps IPS has stated an intention to restate a function is some forum or other, but we need a central source of information rather than have to wade through through 100's of posts to try and find this information.So yes, forums are good for discussion but this should be backed up by some form of database similar to the feature plan once IPS has made a decision to restate / not restate a 3.4.x feature. That will enable customers to plan when (or whether) to move our sites over to 4.0.
  10. 3.4 Features missing in 4.0

    ​This is an excellent idea and would save users and IPS a lot of time.
  11. 3.4 Features missing in 4.0

    The ability for Guests to view New Content (other than by using the cumbersome Activity Stream).
  12. ip.pages relationship field

    Hopefully this will be put into the Feature Plan (when it returns).
  13. Search from Topic Titles

    @OwdySearch from Titles appears to be next up in the feature plan. 
  14. Guests can't view New Content

    ​I agree this shouldn't be a mod but I am losing faith that this will ever be addressed by IPB. Reading some of the IPB posts in this thread I'm not even sure that IPB realise the extent of this problem.
  15. Guests can't view New Content

    ​A direct link to Activity Stream wouldn't really sort this issue.1. A new user to your forum would be baffled by all the Activity Stream choices.2. Activity Stream is really slow and/or throws up error messages.The old VNC for guests worked great and was simple; why it isn't available in 4.0 is frankly bizzare. There haven't been many complaints about this omission yet but that maybe because it doesn't effect Admins or Members who are logged in. But I think it will cause a major reduction in converting guests to members because guests will arrive at a new 4.0 site, been unable to find the current content and simply leave in frustration.I won't be upgrading to 4.0 till this is sorted or a mod becomes available.