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  1. Echelon One added a comment on a blog entry Securing your community   

    All I entered in the WHM/cPanel disable_functions field was the following:
  2. Echelon One added a comment on a file ProMenu Basic   

    Used the 'Fusion' Menu for quite awhile - but this is definitely significantly better!  :)
  3. Echelon One added a comment on a file Visual Page Layout Editor   

    Excellent add-on for IP.Content - easy to install and use. Makes life so much easier without all the coding, well worth the $20 I paid for it.

    Highly recommended for IP.C users!

    @James - nice review there!
  4. Echelon One added a post in a topic Password options - IPB vs VB vs Other?   

    There is a serious sql injection going on through vBulletin 4.1.4 and below - it's actually been done through any vBulletin installation with Social Groups enabled. As you can imagine that affects a lot of sites.

    IPS is much better software for security anyway! :smile:
  5. Echelon One added a post in a topic The Most Important Factors about IPS   

    You are more than welcome!

    I agree with you regarding the current issue I found, which I was informed may need to be recoded to operate a different way due to the nature. I did try numerous functions disabled, but the issue did not resolve, that is why I submitted a ticket. Not really a major issue, just strange in my opinion.

    I actually work on a Support Desk myself, but for a hosting company - some tickets are more difficult than others, again it does sometimes involve the clients environment.
  6. Echelon One added a topic in Product Feedback   

    The Most Important Factors about IPS
    I thought I would give you my views with IPS, and how I have found them to be such a friendly and great company.


    The Suite

    Overall view

    Support for any product is always a first on my list... and IPS have certainly showed me they can do this, above and beyond expectations.
    I moved to IPS products over a year ago now, before I was running vBulletin. I did the conversion myself, but I had to ask IPS Support about one small issue using the converter - turned out to be some corrupt data in a field that was stopping IP.Board importing, so nothing major there. That was my first encounter with Support Tickets on IPS, and I was impressed by the time factor. A very friendly team - my last Support Ticket was a bit different though, which I am assuming is a bug since it went from Tier II, Tier III and then on to Advanced Development. On this occasion it has taken longer, but then it was not just something simple and will probably end up on the Tracker.
    In the end I bought the entire suite, the blog I did not really need but I got it in a sale, so I grabbed it. IP.Nexus, well that really does do IP.Board justice, monetizing your forum could not be easier. What I don't understand is why some people complain about the IP.Gallery, it is far better than most gallery scripts. I used to use Photopost Pro with vBulletin, and that is a nightmare of a script, alignment issues, coding problems and hasn't had a major coding overall in years! IP.SEO, that's one piece of software that should be used with any IP.Board in my opinion, what harm can it do, it's even free! If you know about SEO it is very useful for setting up your keywords and descriptions, setting these up correctly can take a few weeks, but the time factor does pay off in the long run. Just last week I had a person asking me if it was possible to get his forum on the first page of Google and in front of his competitors - it took me just two days to achieve that goal, eventhough his competitor's domain was 7 years older and more established. And that was done using some tweaks to IP.Board and following search engine guide lines on keywords and descriptions using IP.SEO.
    My own view on IPS is if you want a forum, which you can expand upon as your forum grows then IP.Board is the best for your needs. I know quite a few forum owners, that I do work for - I even persuaded them to move away from vBulletin, since it started going 'downhill'. So many people told me not to change to IP.Board because I would lose my PR (Page Rank) and indexed urls, this is one thing that did not bother me, since I was starting a new domain anyway. In less than 10 months using IP.Board I had a PR4... and a MOZ of 5.6. It just goes to show if you throw a few tweaks in to IP.Board you can get good placement in search engines.
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  7. Echelon One added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.2.0 - Visual Skin Editor   

    Perhaps I should have put those words in bold and not apostrophes! lol - it is not meant in anyway sarcastic - completely the opposite.

    I'm an oldie compared to most users of IPB, guess my English literature would look that way compared to today's standards. :smile:
  8. Echelon One added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.2.0 - Visual Skin Editor   

    Now that just blows away vBulletin's pathetic attempt using their Skin Generator - about time vBulletin started living in the 21st Century.

    I cannot imagine what else will be done before the initial 'Gold' release, 3.2 is just 'mind-blowing' with features, innovation and very creative concept ideas.

    Well done, the best move I ever made was 'chucking' vBulletin away! I have persuaded 3 people to switch to IPB since I bought it - and with features like this, I expect more to follow.

    Praise the whole IPS team for this excellent Suite... Thanks!
  9. Echelon One added a post in a topic Looking to switch from vBulletin 4 to IPS   

    I always move images out of the database on vBulletin to IPB conversions. Besides it causes excessive 'bloat' and longer processing times, why would you want to do that? When I used to use vBulletin, images that were stored in the database always used to cause more problems, some of their own upgrades even failed (say no more on that

    My IPB runs fine with images in the file system, I wouldn't move them to the database after all the issues I've come across when you have literally thousands stored in there. Never, tried IPB with images in the db, but I wouldn't recommend it on any script.
  10. Echelon One added a comment on a blog entry IP.Nexus 1.3.0: Support   

    A very much welcomed idea. Much appreciated! :)
  11. Echelon One added a post in a topic To Expensive   

    IP.Nexus was one of the main reasons I converted over from vBulletin, if you think $75 is expensive then you should see the alternatives which were for vBulletin. I looked at one in particular, it only had the ability to allow you sell digital goods with licensing, priced at $120.00 or you could buy the ionCube encoder version for $180.00 (that did not include the ionCube Encoder Software).

    I purchased IP.Nexus in one of IPS's 24 hour sales, so I picked it up for $50 anyway with 1 year of support and downloads. I would have paid double or even triple than what I paid for it, the features it packs goes way beyond anything else I have seen for IPB, plus you have the tightest integration possible from the developers.

    I have all the IPS applications, only because I can find uses for them - IP.Content is probably the most advanced framework I have seen yet, and I thought that was cheap considering what it is capable of...

    Apart from IP.Board, I wouldn't mind seeing which applications are the best selling because IPS produces some excellent solid software.
  12. Echelon One added a post in a topic Pre-Migration: Can we erase ALL content used during setup/configuration prior to a migration?   

    You're welcome! Think I seen you before in the vBulletin community... ;)
  13. Echelon One added a post in a topic Pre-Migration: Can we erase ALL content used during setup/configuration prior to a migration?   

    Hi James,

    With the IPS importers you can drop local data first if you wish, before doing an import. I did the same with vBulletin 4.

  14. Echelon One added a post in a topic Import VB attachments as IP gallery images?   

    The IP.Converter does support importing of images from vBulletin Albums in to IP.Gallery, but I'm not sure if the attachments could be done. You may need to ask for a custom converter to do that.

  15. Echelon One added a post in a topic Vbulletin or IP.Board   

    You have to remember one thing... IPB uses less queries per page than vB4, it maybe a feature that you want but it would also generate further queries.

    One of my clients has a huge board, she upgrade it to vB4 from vB3, and hated it, she then tried the IPB full pacakge trial out for 5 days. After just 3 days she purchased not one but two copies of the whole IPS Suite!! Her members complained about IPB initially, but once they got used to it and how much quicker it was, the negative complaints dropped.

    There's many functions IPB has that vB4 doesnt' - then again vBulletin has a few that IPB doesn't. What I have found is that in most cases IPB doess a much better job in many ways than vB4. One thing I did notice when I migrated my data from vB4 to IPB was my database shrunk by quite a bit, and that was with the IP.Gallery.

    I had a guy contact me today asking me to upgrade his vB4, before they release another upgrade to fix the bugs in the previous one which they messed up with 3 releases in 3 days!!! Since that happened many people are holding off on vB4 Maintenance Releases because they just get updated far too quick.

    One thing that really stands out and makes IPB much better is the way new features are announced. If you look at vBulletin over a year ago they promised that by version 4.1 that the admin panel would be completely replaced, well that never happened and it still has vB3 code in it and other features thaat cannot be used, but are left in. Then take a look at the IPB approach, they only announce new features AFTER they have added them to a future release, so you know want will be coming. Internet Brands promised a lot with vBulletin 4, many of which haven't seen the light of day, and at the rate they are going, they never will. vBulletin used to be a solid product until Internet Brands took over, then they turned a solid product in to junk! I don't know of any other company that's managed that yet, apart from one!