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  1. Auto-Upgrader

    Does this work for single addons like IP.Gallery and others or just the Board-software?
  2. IPB -> Will it ever come to this?!

    What about a function like wordpress-plugins where you could download and get them installed automatically from inside the ACP?
  3. IP.Board 3.3: What to expect

    [quote name='Charles' timestamp='1321984722'] Feel free to email me if you have any bugs you feel are critical and impacting your site :) Where do i send the e-mail?
  4. IP.Board 3.3: What to expect

    I also feel that a bugfix-version (3.2.4?) needs to be released prior to this new release. One example: This is a major flaw in the basic functions to me, and I did set up a ticket about it (1 month ago) but was just refered to this being a known issue and a link to this bug-report. I for one feel we shouldn´t need to wait 3 more months to have things like this fixed. It might not be a critical bug as in "the whole site is down" but for a closed forum it´s not nice being forced to show your work to the public (guests) or not at all.
  5. Limit file-size for upload

    Hi Is there anyway i can limit the file-size of images being uploaded? I´ve seen settings for maximum width/height but would also like a limit around 250kb filesize since you can make a small enough picture take up massive storage.