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  1. 4.0 - Javascript framework

    Any chance you can clue us in on what the minimum version of jQuery you are expecting to use in 4.0?
  2. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 3: Customisation and BBCode

    One other question, could the correct HTML be cut and paste and retain the data attributes?
  3. IP.Content is an abysmal failure of a product.

    I"m not defending anything either, at least not if what you are saying you want is a WYSIWYG page builder. Now I personally would hate that if it meant I could no longer dive into the code but if that was your expectation then I can see why you'd be annoyed. I don't really follow how they've marketed IPC to know if they have made it out to be WYSIWYG or if that is just what you want it to be. I do think that anyone with HTML and CSS knowledge will be able to understand it after some learning and produce highly customized pages with little effort.
  4. IP.Content is an abysmal failure of a product.

    Help me understand because I know nothing about wordpress. Is the complaint here that it is hard to use IPC without knowledge of PHP/Javascript (but with knowledge of HTML/CSS) or that it is hard with no knowledge PHP/JS/HTML/CSS? Because from a programmers standpoint looking at IPC I would think with just HTML and CSS knowledge that it would be pretty easy to do some fairly detailed and different pages. I know I have been able to create databases, populate them with data, add feed blocks to display the data and comments elsewhere with very little programming usage other than some HTML CSS work. When I combine that with my programming knowledge I can pretty much make it do anything I want. I don't consider the learning curve that steep, although I have been using IPC to power some custom web apps for about 3 years now so perhaps I'm looking at it through rose colored glasses.
  5. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 3: Customisation and BBCode

    Ah I see I actually already have a CKEditor plugin that I use in my 3.3 board that allows a user to search the contents of that file (in case they don't remember the specific option/content combo). So in the new system my plugin could basically do the same thing except it wouldn't insert the BBCode it would insert the custom HTML that the bbcode would have parsed to. That sound correct?   If it is, that works I suppose, but does it mean that it would be impossible to manually type in the old bbcode and have it work right?
  6. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 3: Customisation and BBCode

    Can someone explain how this could be accomplished in the new system   I have a custom bbcode that goes to a php file that stores an array and looks up some data based on the option/content passed in.   So using the option and content I get 4 or 5 pieces of data and then return something like: <a href="DATA1" class="popup" data-more="DATA2" data-stillmore="DATA3">CONTENT OPTION DATA4</a> then I have a prototypejs or jQuery function watching which adds the ability to hover over the link and show the data.   Is something like this possible in the new system?
  7. IPB, BBCode, and concerns about it's future

    I'm curious, wouldn't it be much easier to just let the BBCode and WYSIWYG live side by side? I don't know but all this talk sounds like most of the problems comes from converting BBCode to the WYSIWYG version but would it really be so bad if I typed in [ b] to bold and then used the button to bold something different and it produced the same results. Then when it is time to edit it displays the BBCode where they entered BBCode and WYSIWYG where they used the buttons?
  8. 3.4.2 Editor - Great improvments - Thank you

    A lot of work was put into the editor for 3.4.2 and I know that al l our staff will appreciate your comments more than you can know. * edit * - The above is the result of me pressing enter a few times in teh code box and then trying to backspace the extra quote boxes away
  9. Standard Editor BBCode Buttons

    Well IPS has commented on this topic multiple times before. I disagree with their position and hate the RTE but I doubt after all this time there is anything we could do to change their mind.
  10. Too Category-Centric Display of Content

    Although I agree that it would be nice to have a feature like this come stock in IPC you could do all that now with some custom code.
  11. Return Tag links URL encoded

    It works, I manually changed the URL by replacing the [] with the url encoded version and created a link back to my boards on an external website (exactly like above just with my forum name and tags). The original version with the unencoded [] did not work on the external boards, even if the url was wrapped in quotes in the bbcode. The changed version worked fine and pulled up the correct articles. Even if it didn't work though, IMO it is something that would need changing because it causes this problem for no real reason, other characters could be used as delemiters instead of ones which brake bbcode parsing for an average user that just wants to share a link.
  12. Return Tag links URL encoded

    Currently links to tags for IPContent stuff returns something like this FakeForums.com/forums/index.php?/tags/ccs/The+Tag/page__search_app_filters[ccs][searchInKey]__database_1 the presence of the [] in the link/url means that when someone clicks on the tag and copies the link that it can mess up when pasting it to the forums or using it in other places that support bbcode. Most BBCode parsers will break on the extra square brackets. I suggest that the end portion be returned url encoded, like so FakeForums.com/forums/index.php?/tags/ccs/The+Tag/page__search_app_filters%5Bccs%5D%5BsearchInKey%5D__database_1 This would prevent the url from breaking the parser (at least in the places I tested it) and it still works fine when you go to the link. Also if anyone knows of any hooks that fixes this issue please let me know as it causes alot of frustration on my forum when people try to share content tag links.
  13. Locked out of support forums?

    Anyone else locked out of the support forums right now?
  14. Editor?

    So if BBCode is being phased out what happens to custom BBCode?
  15. It could, depends on how it was implemented. If you really didn't' want a scroll bar you could use javascript to make the container scrollable or you could make the inner container scrollable but wider than the outer container so the scroll bar would be 'hidden' just outside of the view. There are a bunch of different ways it could be done, just depends on complicated you wanted to get.