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  1. Hi IPS. I'm wondering when IPS going to have a project to have a full forum facebook app ? Vbulletin already have theirs. Full forum facebook app is a must have in order to grow our forum. I hope IPS will consider starting this project immediately.
  2. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Reputation Enhancements

    Why forum icons feature not included in this build ?
  3. Facebook topic with comments

  4. Forum Icons Option

    I'm curious too...
  5. Forum Icons Option

    It works perfectly well in the admincp for me but it doesn't appear in the forum. I think its a superb mod, I just having a lot of problem getting it to work. I've followed all the steps outline in the mod still no go.
  6. Forum Icons Option

    I hope IPS create option to have forum icons hard coded into the board setting. A lot of us are seriously frustrated using forum icon mod that have a lot of problem and basically doesn't work every time installed on a new version of IPB. Thank you.
  7. IP.Nexus offers this [url=" Emails I am looking for a mod that reply post in topic from my email. I don't know why would we want to rely on VBulletin to start the features first and if I'm not mistaken they have that features already.
  8. I'm not sure IPB have this feature, because I remember asking the sales department months back before joining IPB, they said they will look into it. Any update guys? Its important for admins to access and reply post via email especially when replying something complex like product price quotations.
  9. Featured Entry on Board Index

  10. [HQ] Mass PM

  11. [EN32] Traffic Generator