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  1. Gallery 4 - Multiple Image uploads

    Any way to allow users to select multiple photos at once to bulk upload? I can't see how this can be done?
  2. IP.Nexus On Hosted Community

    Cool, thanks :)
  3. I currently have a hosted Community (on 'Basic 10' package) and I want to get IP.Nexus. From what I can see, the only way for me to add IP.Nexus to my Community is to upgrade my package to the 'Plus 40' package. Would I be right in thinking this or is there another way I can add IP.Nexus to my Community? Thanks!
  4. White Label Mobile Apps and Android App Beta

    Any plans for a Windows Phone 7 App? Would be great to see one
  5. IP.Board 3.2.0: Facebook, Twitter and Mobile Updates

    Nice, any plans for a Android or Windows Phone 7 app?
  6. When's it due for release? Really looking forward to it!
  7. IP.Gallery Facebook Like Button

    Is there any chance of a facebook like button for IP.Gallery? It already exists for the forums and blog, and I think it would be great for gallery. Its one major thing missing I think. Would love to get it on my Gallery.
  8. IP.Board 3.2.0: Calendar

    Awesome, looks great, looking forward to getting that online!
  9. IP Gallery 4

    Better support for video's would be awesome also, and RSS feeds. No release date yet?
  10. Facebook Link Issue

    When people share an image from the Gallery on facebook, the the board's image is the image which shows along side the link. Is there a way that the photo which is being shared could show instead, as is the case when sharing an image normally from a site? It would be a great improvement!
  11. IP.Gallery RSS

    Any chance of that in the near future? It would be such a boost for my site!
  12. IP.Gallery RSS

    An RSS feed from IP.Gallery albums and categories would be brilliant!
  13. Global Forum Message

  14. Media System