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  1. Lack of Documenation is SO Frustrating

    Thank you Mr. Farber BTW you are correct I have not tried to pass variables in several months probably at least 2 versions ago and a very simple test this afternoon would appear that it does work as expected with php. So i must apologize for bringing that up before testing it again.
  2. Lack of Documenation is SO Frustrating

    how many times have you been asked that and why is it not in the documentation? I think stuff like this is what frustrates to people. Again is the audience developers or stupid people like me?
  3. Lack of Documenation is SO Frustrating

    I am not a web developer so anything I say will probably be ignored. My comments also come from simplicity of only owning one site. The documentation is written for developers not people like me who know every little php or any type of coding. (Might be dumb of me) I still can't figure out why I can't pass php variables in the url with ip.content. (www.domain.com/file.php?variable1Name=theFirstValue&variable2Name=theSecondValue) Always comes up with page not found. Nothing comes when I search for php variable in the documentation. So nothing to tell how or why I can't do it in ip.content. Same thing when I was trying to figure out why my paypal subscriptions were not working in nexus, Did a search in the documentation for "paypal subscriptions" and nothing. These seem like pretty basic things to me. I can't express how much examples help people like me who are actually trying to learn. I understand some people come to the forum and site expect people to write or fix something for them, but for the few of us trying to learn, the documentation is almost useless. Why don't you guys build a different site for documentation include lots of examples of how you built the site, like a live working example with documentation on how you did it not just articles. stuff like "hey that feed block is interesting" and example of how you created that feed block. Just a suggestion. You guys should know your audience, is it developers or stupid people like me?
  4. Can;t imagine either :) At least I am not the only one with the same problem.
  5. Character limit setting for members titles, we had some trolls exploiting this were they have a member title that goes half way across the page.
  6. How did you change the colors when viewing your profile?