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  1. (NB34) Topics Closing Soon

    Thank you!
  2. (NB34) Topics Closing Soon

    Hi,  Whenever I download the ZIP it's empty. Not sure what the problem is.  Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Keyword Tooltips

    Cool idea :)
  4. (DP34) Multilang System

    Love the concept
  5. [HQ] Mass PM

    Great news this has been upgraded to 3.4.1
  6. Simples

    Very interesting. :)
  7. Disable and Re-Enable Third-Party Hooks

    Awesome Marcher
  8. Reputation Points per Forum

    Excellent just what I've been looking for. Thanks
  9. Luminous by IPS Themes

    Quality skin that complements IPB 3.3.1 perfectly, my members love the fact they can now easily customise the board to their liking. The boards 3rd party apps look great to and the social bookmark icons look very pleasing to the eye. Overall a very, very good skin that I would recommend to anyone with a community. As a community owner I now only need the the one skin on my board. :) Tom provides a great customer service, the documentation provided with the skin itself is very detailed, he also provides the PSD's with all of his skins. I love it, my members love it, even my hamster love's it Thanks for this wonderful skin.
  10. Luminous by IPS Themes