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  1. (NB34) Topics Closing Soon

    Thank you!
  2. (NB34) Topics Closing Soon

    Hi,  Whenever I download the ZIP it's empty. Not sure what the problem is.  Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Keyword Tooltips

    Cool idea :)
  4. (DP34) Multilang System

    Love the concept
  5. Epic fail

    I've never had problems with IPS support.
  6. [HQ] Mass PM

    Great news this has been upgraded to 3.4.1
  7. Remove (or reset) Warning (Points)

    Can a script be run in myPHPadmin to reset warning points?
  8. Simples

    Very interesting. :)
  9. Disable and Re-Enable Third-Party Hooks

    Awesome Marcher
  10. Reputation Points per Forum

    Excellent just what I've been looking for. Thanks
  11. Rich text editor

    3.3.2 update has fixed the problems.
  12. Rich text editor

    This pretty much sums up my issue and my members problems.
  13. CKE Editor Feature Request

  14. Another thread about the editor

    It's an absolute joke. I have had a number of complaints from my members and to be honest the are getting rather fed up with it. Useless.