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  1. 4.0 - Profiles

      I agree, why not use tabs to give each more screen space?
  2. 4.0 - Messenger

       I also get a fair amount of this.
  3. Forum specific banner ad control

    Sure could use this in Nexus 4.0 :smile: Some advertisers want to concentrate their impressions in specific categories and sub forums that best represent the market for their product.
  4. Merging members

    When you merge a member, it uses the join date of the account that will remain, but often the other account is a duplicate account that is older. Most users when asked prefer to keep the new account info, as it is more current to them, but shouldn't the software use the joined date from the older account as the permanent join date?
  5. IPChat needs work...

    These are the two for which I get repeated requests.
  6. IPS Staff On Forums

    Why not change the category name from IPS Community Suite Support to IPS Community Suite Peer to Peer Support for those that have trouble reading the fine print. :thumbsup:
  7. Renewal reports

    Maybe I am missing if this is already available, but I need to be able to see who is not renewing their annual paid membership member level. I need to see what percentage of buyers renew. I should be able to send a PM all at once to those who did not renew requesting feedback so I can improve my renewal percentages. This would be useful for any "period of time" purchases sold through nexus.
  8. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: Anti-spam Enhancements

    The AreYouAHuman CAPTCHA is an American company based in Detroit. Might be good to look at integration of this when time permits if keyCAPTCHA's location leaves many uneasy. It also looks harder for a computer to solve.   Other enhancements are also great additions!
  9. Product Purchased email

    Is it possible to get the customer, shipping & order details added to this email? The reason is the physical product is kept in a separate location, and if I include the person who ships the items on the product>Actions>Notify Addresses list, they will be able to send out the order without needing ACP access.
  10. payment methods by product/package?

    Is there documentation I can read to see how to do this? Also can the invoice & purchase notification email be sent to a email address specific to each package.
  11. payment methods by product/package?

    Is this possible yet?
  12. Auction mod

    Was this ever accepted into the IPS market?
  13. Inviting people for a chat

  14. I would like to be able to sell some inexpensive items ($1), but the transaction fee makes it unprofitable. If the member could purchase a $20 credit, I could pay the transaction fee once and keep more $.
  15. Video Tutorials?

    I think a good set of video tutorials from IPS would both greatly help the novice user and increase sales dramatically for IPS.