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  1. I have that set to no and they still show up. In online users list, in users reading this topic, etc.
  2. Really dislike the fact that these can't be hidden from users now. Also they really clutter the online users list and skew the total online number. I also remember being able to hide these form the online list in the past, but can't any longer.
  3. Messenger PM & users

    How do i get it to show up like that? :)
  4. Messenger PM & users

    If it would show both participants in the conversation, then that would be great. Bottom line is if you start a personal conversation, then when someoen responds to it you may not know who the conversation is with because all you see is the title. Heck, it would be nice if it took you to the first unread message too when clicked. The suggested changes would be just as beneficial for Joe User as for Joe Admin.
  5. Messenger PM & users

    Anyone make any progress on this? Definitely is not good to see my name mostly listed in the list since as admin I am starting most of the personal conversations.
  6. Demo time limit

    When I was considering purchasing the software, they extended my demo for me when I requested it. Similar situation to you and had limited tome to develop/test a site within the software. Earned me as a customer. Just explain it to them and they will help.
  7. Topic descriptions no more

    I accept and appreciate your explanation. Thank you.
  8. Topic descriptions no more

    Are you familiar with the term 'silent majority'? Most will never speak up about things. So please tell me how you are coming to the conclusion that "the majority of our customers did not really use the feature". Don't take offense to the question. I am just trying to understand, as a paying customer, how IPS determines these things. I want to see IPS software thrive and take over more sites. Having dealt with other programs int he past such as VBulletin, I can tell you the customer service here is far more friendlier and superior. However, some aspects leave a little to be desired. Such as this issue's handling. Thanks for reading!
  9. Topic descriptions no more

    Of course not. But when an IPS Staff member says "in our research, very very few communities ever used it in a useful way", one wonders exactly how they conducted this research. Am i missing something here? How do I subscribe to or become part of a group in which IPS gets feedback from?
  10. Topic descriptions no more

    I was never contacted for feedback either. My site heavily used Topic Descriptions. It was a also major selling point last year when I was looking for a forum software package to purchase.