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  1. An honest opinion - PLEASE

    About apps being dead (etc). It is true that some apps stop development, but the type of board it sounds like you are making isn't something that relies on a lot of third party marketplace apps. The official add-ons themselves, such as the gallery, blog system, and ip.content are all excellent products that I use on my site. I have been an active customer/member of Invision Power for over two years now and any time that I have had an issue, the company has quickly helped me to resolve any problem.
  2. 360chatter.com :D

  3. Single Login, multiple forum identities?

    Yes. In the support topic for that mod the developer mentioned that she is working on it. :D
  4. Single Login, multiple forum identities?

    This did exist: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/328856-download-character-mod/ And it is currently being worked on to update to 3.2.3 and then 3.3 as I asked the developer recently and this was her response. It is an AWESOME app!
  5. Fake a few members on new boards

    Start up a club and tell your members that part of being in the club is participating in the boards. I know it sounds like a 4th grader technique, but I participate in an online gaming community and part of the requirement of membership is to show pride for your community and participate on the forums.
  6. Not exactly sure what I'll need to buy..

    You should buy a standard forum license which comes with the calendar and then purchase the ipb gallery app separately. Then you would just need to be hosted which I assume you already have. Otherwise, your other option is to host with ipb which is an ongoing charge.
  7. New Tournaments System! Yay!

  8. 2. IbEconomy App is what you are looking for on that one.
  9. 2) I think he is asking about your support response time. I can't answer exactly, but I do know that the IPS support team normally responds within a few hours based on previous experiences. The only time where this changes is during non-business hours, such as on Saturday/Sunday. Even then, during critical support issues in the past, I have had staff members help me on the weekends as I believe that some of the staff members check for tickets throughout. I hope this helps :D
  10. How much is upgrades?

    Also, that 25 bucks doesn't include the active license for modules. Those are the 15 (or so) buck charges I was talking about :D
  11. How much is upgrades?

    If you already have a license and you are paying upgrade fees (ie if you are an active client), depending on what it is, something like 15 bucks every 6 months for certain programs, then upgrades are included and you just have to visit your client area to download them.
  12. Validation Email

    Ah, I didn't even know I could do that. Thanks !
  13. Validation Email

    Speaking of validating members, I kind of wonder what I should do about all of the validating members that I have. I have 49 pages of validating members that has accrued over the last couple months. You guys think I should put them through or just delete? Idk
  14. Community Software by...

    Sorry lol, I saw this as a recent topic and didn't see the section. Was just trying to be helpful, no sense in getting mean about it.
  15. Community Software by...

    I'm pretty sure that you aren't supposed to touch the licensing message at the bottom. I can see how it wouldn't make a huge difference because it would still say invisionpower, but I don't think I would even push it and would rather keep it in place than make a mistake.