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    Too expensive...
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    Yes, doesn't worth the price...
  3. French IBP

  4. French IBP

    Euh... ^^
  5. French IBP

    Installation 1 - In your ACP, Go to the tab "Look & feel". 2 - Click "Manage Languages" in the left sidebar. 3 - In the English (USA) pack’s menu, choose “Copy language pack” .... This will create a new package named English (USA)(COPY). 4 - Rename the package to Français (France) and set the language locale to fr_FR (or fr_FR.UTF-8 if you have problems with accents on the month). 5 - If it does not exist, create the folder “translate” in the root of your forum. Note: leave this folder empty for now. Step 6 will automatically fill with the English files. You replace them with the files in French to Step 7. 6 - In the menu of the pack Français (France), select "Translate externally...". 7 - Send the folder “translate” contained in this package to the root of your forum, choosing to overwrite the existing files created by IP.Board English in the previous step. 8 - Go back to your ACP, click “Select All” and then at the bottom on “Import Selected Files”. (If this results on a permanent error "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of ...", do not select all the files but only a few to import small batches. Repeat until you have imported all the files.) 9 - Once the import is done, click on the link “recache this set” Once the reconstruction of the cache is complete, click on the link “here to go there now” and click on the button “Finish and Remove. The French translation is now installed for IP.Board.To set french pack as default language: Log in to your ACP. Go to the tab "Look & Feel". Click "Manage Languages" in the left sidebar. On the pack Français (France), choose “Edit” .... Set the Default Language option? confirm by clicking Yes and save. You now have a green check mark appears in column (Default Language) on the line Pack Français (France). You just have to choose French (France) in the list of languages on the public forums so that your account uses French.Problem of ”language local” (may occurs) If the line Français (France) date is not in French or the sample does not match currency 12 345 231,12 €, then edit the pack: Français (France) and replace “fr_FR” by “fr_FR.UTF-8”. If this does not work, check with your provider to know the local that are installed on your server. I hope it helps you :)
  6. French IBP

    Oh lol you don't understand french ^^ I will try to translate it in english for you :)
  7. French IBP

    Did you read the "LisezMoi" file?