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  1. Nexus + "All" Official Addons

    I'd really appreciate an answer. No answer suggests "no" I assume.I have a lot of ideas I'm trying to find solutions for.
  2. If you read the >blog entry about profiles you will see they are changing to followers instead of friends. If you >scroll down the last page of the comments, I've asked about the purpose of the new "no follow" and whether they reconsidered privacy. If you are concerned about privacy, you might want to >read this privacy topic where profile privacy concerns were addressed. You can read IPS's stance on why they don't see privacy as a top concern at this time, but you cannot reply since the topic is now closed.
  3. Unlisted Privacy Option

    This just makes perfect sense! A separation between what is useful in certain areas as opposed to the entire gallery. For those of us who use the gallery, we need more options to utilize it further. For example, it would be nice if users could store different avatars & cover photos to use for different times of the year without them showing up in the gallery where it's not relevant to the community as a whole. I recently posted something similar for a different topic:
  4. 4.0 - Profiles

    What about sites that are not just anonymous users? If using FB etc login & synced updates, a paid membership, a business community, a professional community, a local community,'s not that hard to figure out who people are. And people don't hide their identities as much as they did 10 years ago when identity privacy was most important. Today, privacy of user's "personal" content (profile updates, personal blogs, photos, videos, etc) is most important. Not so much their real names.
  5. Suggestion: Give a sample IP.Blog Theme

    Thanks Michael. I appreciate you trying to help. Unfortunately, I'd really prefer an easy way for members to style their own blogs themselves. Originally I thought I could use examples to help them get started. But, it's too complicated for them to learn to code the css etc. I have an old community on vb3.8 that I'd like to move to something with better notifications some day. I just haven't found anything to match some of it's personal features that the community relies on. One being the member customization options of blogs. Moving it to vb4.x/5 is not an option I'm willing to make at this time. Thanks and have a splendid day*
  6. Suggestion: Give a sample IP.Blog Theme

    No, sorry...I have not. I don't have answers for IP.Blogs at all. It's just too complicated for members to customize right now.
  7. This is common today. What's more is that people use their "cell phone" to upload videos & photos to Facebook, etc. They are not going to download those to their phone and then upload to your community. I hear all the time "it's too easy to upload photos & videos to Facebook from my cell phone and too hard to do it in your community". We need an easier way for users to upload their content from cell phones and an easier way to let them import their content from social networks into our community (as you suggested above).
  8. Sort by "First Post Likes"

    Yes, there should be. Especially if you have a forum you use likes as a type of vote/popularity. We should also be able to sort by ratings. ATM, we cannot sort topics by number of likes nor by ratings. These features are not utilized in the forum list at all. Only on the individual topic. Sorting by ratings is common on the internet. Sorting by likes is common in other paid forum platforms.
  9. Will we ever be able to use Nexus with all other official addons like integration with downloads? For a webmaster niche type website, Nexus + Downloads is great. For the forum, subscriptions work great. You can buy a subscription to upgrade usergroup to see forums that that usergroup can see. What if we want to sell individual photos or albums in the Gallery? What if members want to sell albums or individual photos? What if we want to sell individual Blog content from the blogs? What if members want to sell a subscription to their blog? What if we want to sell article/database content from IP.Content? Again, you can buy a subscription to upgrade usergroup to see that content. But, what if you only wanted to sell individual content items? Then subscription is not ideal. Especially if you have a lot of individual content items. What if we want to sell access to calendars? Again, the usergroup subscription could help as a whole. So, what's left out of the above in the current way things work? Gallery Blogs IP.Content for inividual content items It would be nice if Nexus integrated with "all" official addons in a way that admins & members could benefit from. Many websites are not necessarily based on downloads.
  10. Member Files Sales ( and other)

    You can check the >blog updates for 4.0, but I haven't seen any changes to this.
  11. 4.0 - Cover photos

    Although it's a nice way to add a "little bit" of personalization that most are familiar with from big social networks, I'd much rather use background images/colors for all aspects of the profile (think vb3.7-8/4.x & how no other community suite or forum match it's profile features even today!) or movable custom profile blocks, etc.   The problem with cover photos is explained nicely here:The Unbearable Sameness Of Social Networks   I'd much rather have profiles that end-users can call their own. If we're going to think like other websites (ex: cover photos), why not think like Wordpress and offer themes that our members can use for their profiles and blogs and albums? Let them "own" the look of their profile. At the very least Multiple Profile Setup Choices to help communities build profiles relatable to their own community niche instead of the standard bland webmaster community profiles.
  12. Better Also Tagged System in IPS 4.0

    I agree. If there were a community suite that was based on content types of choice and categorized by main categories, it would be possible. So, when someone clicks on a category about dogs they will see a main category page filled with all the new articles, blog posts, images, downloads, forum topics, products, events, etc about dogs. When someone wants to post something about dogs, they could choose a content type (blog post, forum topic, image, download, product, article, event, etc) and then submit their preferred dog content. This would help all apps be actually useful...connected, and help end-users find content (ANY CONTENT) that matters to them most.
  13. 4.0 - Profiles

    Can you please tell us when this will be clarified? Particularly preventing others from following them. What happens? What is the purpose of a no follow? Do they still see that member's content...have you reconsidered privacy? Or is it only linked to notifications? Will there at least be an approve system in place?
  14. Perpetual licenses being done away with.

    I just want to say that I don't think you are being greedy, Lindy. I strongly believe that you are making a decision on what you think is best for your company. Just because not everyone would have made the same choice (including me based on what little I see on the front-end), does not mean that it was a right or wrong choice. Only time will tell.As a customer, my worry would be negative effects as stated above. The customers it directly affects, I'm sure feel like promises were broken. You chose a compromise and some don't agree with that decision. Hopefully everything will work out in the end....
  15. 4.0 - Profiles

     If you have lots of time to spare, you can read IPS's stance on profile privacy here: