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  1. Month in Review - August 2015

    Blogs could really use some love -- bring back custom blocks, or at least give us more tools to customize each user's blogs, distinct blog feeds, etc...! Keep it up IPS!!
  2. In Downloads, you can add your own custom fields  (ACP -> Downloads -> Extra Fields).However, only "text" field types can be given search behavior...which really limits the usefulness of having extra fields..Please allow check boxes, radio groups, and other selectors to also be searchable.This allows for items to be much more infinitely organized when uploaders are required to select from a predefined drop-list or checkbox list to further describe their item, and then it allows users to directly search for these values.
  3. 3.2 - Feature request

    IMO, if you have moderators that are abusing their powers, then you have far bigger problem on your hands to deal with.
  4. Would sure like to see some IP.Blog updates forthcoming...

    1. Charles


      All apps will be updated along with 3.2.

  5. IP.Board 3.2.0: Remote Skin Editing

    Thank goodness! This is by far one of the best features revealed for 3.2 so far. :thumbsup:
  6. IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Editing Member Improvements

    Will Moderators be able to ban/warn users sitewide now and not just those in the moderator's assigned forums?<br>
  7. In some cases, square thumbnails work just fine. For example, if it's a square crop of a photo, or artwork, this invites the user to click to see the full image. This is perfectly acceptable. In some cases, rectangular thumbnails are more appropriate. Where information is contained in the thumbnail such as titles, logos, text, comic strips, as well as artwork where you don't want it auto-cropped and squared off. For a community platform such as IPB, I would think the philosophy should be to favour more choice to site admins, not less. A single implementation for something like thumbnails seems uncharacteristically myopic for the IPB Platform. I'm not understanding how having no choice on the matter is superior to having a choice. If site admins want square thumbs, they can put 180x180 in the fields and get their square thumbs. If site admins want their own aspect ratio, they would have the option to do that. What could the justification be to remove this simple and obvious choice from site admins?
  8. Please give us an option to toggle the stripping of HTML for the main blog listing view. In IP.Blog 2.3.1 you were stripping the HTML on the main listing. In the 2.3.2 you changed it. Now our main listing looks disastrous. I would argue that it is not appropriate to have a hard-coded setting like this because it does not work out for all sites, so this really should be a toggle for admins to decide. Without stripping the HTML the main blog listing looks like a dog's breakfast on our site and we have over 2000 blogging members all doing their own thing. Thanks for considering.
  9. These are the kinds of features that would help bring IP.Blog a little bit more up to speed. While IP.Blog plays nicely with the whole community suite, and the integration is awesome, as a blogging system, it's sorely lacking in some very key areas that many basic blogs out there presently enjoy.These are just the basics that are missing: Like any blog out there on the internet, every entry has an image associated with it. This image is shown as part of the teaser. IP.Blog presently does not parse any image code while displaying teasers so there's no elegant alternative. And enabling full html to all users is not an option. IP.Blog's basic entry listing is just text and an avatar. Not very exciting, not very interesting. Allowing users to put a little thumbnail of an image for each entry would go a long way to make this look like a "real" blog.[*]Some basic user customization Give the users the ability to do basic customization to their blogs, namely the ability to upload a custom header image/logo, with size restrictions set by the admin.[*]Easily re-order entries An elegant solution to allow blog entries to be reordered, at the very least some kind of inline "quick edit" to modify post dates if that's all that can be done.[*]Sorting options throughout The option to sort posts by date (asc/desc) throughout the blog engine. For example, when viewing Archives, it just sorts by date DESC with no other option. Just as a blog reader, options to filter through content need to be added.[*]Custom fields Allow admins to add custom fields so that we can parse, sort and order blog entries using our own criteria. I don't expect IP.Blog to compete shoulder to shoulder with years-long established systems like Wordpress. And IP.Blog has done some really great things with forum/community integration, so please give some IP.Blog users some love! We will now have over 1200 IP.Blog bloggers in my community, so please consider some updates soon! Thx!Assign an Image to an EntryThere's lots more that could be added and improved upon, but these few things would go a long way to bring IP.Blog a little bit more up to speed.