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  1. .c0bra added a post in a topic Big clients using IPB   

    Dont forget

    The Nexus Forums

    There one of the biggest communites.
  2. .c0bra added a post in a topic Thinking of buying IP.Downloads   

    Cool well I might give it a go then, see how it all works on my site.

    Thanks Andy.
  3. .c0bra added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    Thinking of buying IP.Downloads
    As the title says above, I have been looking at the downloads section for some time now and was thinking of buying it.

    Is it worth putting up for my gaming skins, that I am creating for IPB?
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  4. .c0bra added a comment on a file Warfare   

    Awesome skin
  5. .c0bra added a post in a topic IPB 3.2   

    Lol random file
  6. .c0bra added a post in a topic IP.Board Version 2   

    Yeah you get a choice of 2 the old and the new and when your ready you can upgrade.