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  1. I personally like seeing them, as an admin. Not necessarily the number of "members" but I do like the number of posts and topics. The members number is deceiving as tons of forums have a ton of spam of registrations. This is why I like VB's Acitive Members stat.
  2. just want to say.......

    You went the same route I did a few years ago. Started the forum on phpbb 3 years ago. Then, took the big step to upgrade to IPB after having lack of professional support on phpbb, and having to get a plugin for everything. Welcome to the club. Nice site, btw... change your FavIcon. =)
  3. IPChat needs work...

    Here are the ideas that my users had.... Ability to link to images in chat that are stored on our forum, rather than images on the internet. Ability to invite people into Chat from the forum, inside the chat room Ability to have private chat with multiple users.
  4. Minor Workflow Enhancements in IP.Nexus 1.5.8

    Are all the Ip.Nexus issues with 1.5.7 solved?  Ie... paypal recurring billing, and subscriptions via paypal?
  5. Self-hosted system requirements

    IPB is not bad at all on the resources, which also depends on number of add ons... however after year of phpbb on a shared provider, switched to IPB and was much faster... then as forum grew... switched to VPS, and kept upgrading, and now working on getting everything over to a dedicated. As far as hosts... depends on who and how oversold they are. I have one vps that I kept as a backup, however it is slower than my first shared hosting provider.
  6. Page views by user groups?

    How would I be able to?
  7. Is there an easy way to find out how many page views on a monthly basis or whatever the time frame, for members of various user groups? ie... premium vs regular members, etc. thanks!
  8. Classifieds

    I am on 3.2.4 right now and will be updating to the 3.4.x, I want to install this.... what would be the best way?  Upgrade then install new? install now, wait for 1.3?   thanks!
  9. If you have a weak site, with weak content, niche, sense of community, yes, your forum may be dead. I think Facebook and other social media sites are just going to accelerate the weak players from the strong players. Unless facebook makes their own forum software, it is not going to happen. Just like email did not kill the paper industry, neither is facebook going to. In fact, learn to embrace facebook to drive traffic to your forum community, don't be afraid of your people leaving to go to facebook.
  10. Fantastic on the RSVP. Is there going to be an option on limiting the number of registrants? also, any ETA on the rollout?
  11. [#CSTART-9] Error

    Speak of the devil, now I am having that issue. I paid for the 50 user chat room, yet having 2nd major issue within a week.
  12. [#CSTART-9] Error

    One of my users has reported this one. [#CSTART-9] There was an error connecting with the chat room. Please notify an administrator. second issue within a week. Previous one was Cjoin 3. But that resolved after half an hour.
  13. Are status updates new feature?

    1. AndyF


      They have been present for a while. The comments on each status is still (relatively) new though :)