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  1. I had the same problem once.  It went away when the sheriff showed up on their doorstep with a restraining order.   
  2. What happened to Members List?

    Ah, seems more like a quest to prove you're right, rather than addressing a customer issue.  Struck a nerve, I suppose.  You did not read my emails nor PM's on Facebook, which is where I was getting the complaints.  No, it wasn't 51k, but there were a number of complaints mentioning the missing list - enough for me to be concerned about my members and actually address it, rather than attempt to defend it. No worries though.  I figured out the URL to show the members list, then added it to the menu bar.  Solved it myself.
  3. What happened to Members List?

    This is frustrating.  I just migrated to 4.x and not a day later my members are asking where the member list went.  They're not happy. I have 51,000+ members saying IPS is wrong.
  4. Introducing: IPS Community Suite 4!

    I agree, especially on the map extension.  My members love it. Unfortunately, the map developer is notorious for delaying an updated release for about a year after IPB launches a new, incompatible version.  So I'm moving ahead with the upgrade without the map.  I will not let my site's progress be held hostage to a lazy developer.
  5. Member Map

    Well, if it's like any of the other updates, 4.x will not be supported at least for another year. The developer does not dedicate any time to this app, and takes his own sweet time to maintain this app.  Funny, he gets upset with posts like this.  Whatever.  Either support it or give it to somebody else who will; but stop complaining when people ask when it will be updated to support the latest IPS release.
  6. 410 instead 404 for deleted database items

    Note that your traffic went down during the holidays, and is now back up again. Sometime correlation doesn't mean causation.
  7. Member Map

    Google is turning off V2 in a few days. 
  8. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: SEO Improvements

    This is goodness. A huge step in the right direction. This should also reduce "short meta description" errors as well. Also, with internal cross linking, that should help boost relevancy for similar topics (in a small way).
  9. IP.Board 3.3: What to expect

    No, version number isn't the issue at all. Timing of the next release is the issue. It sounds like the next release - whatever you want to call it - isn't coming for about 4-5 months. That's way too long to wait for patches and bug fixes. New features? Yes, we can wait. 180+ bug fixes? Nope. We need them asap. Make sense?
  10. IPB 3.2 Trash Can

    We delete stuff all the time on our site (lot's of spam, mostly). If your site fills up with 403 errors, then you'll take a major hit from the search engines. This is a MAJOR issue. Quite frankly, I'm shocked it's taken so lightly by the staff. This needs to be addressed and fixed immediately.
  11. White Label Mobile Apps and Android App Beta

    They won't answer you. This thread isn't monitored.
  12. White Label Mobile Apps and Android App Beta

  13. White Label Mobile Apps and Android App Beta

    Have I stumped the band?
  14. White Label Mobile Apps and Android App Beta

    Does it track visitors and activity via Google Analytics? I presume a chunk of my visitors would migrate to the app, and I don't want to see a false drop in traffic as a result. Also, does it support advertising via 3rd party ad servers? My sponsors would be PO'd if I started moving traffic away from their ads.
  15. Gallery Updates

    When is this going to get the next update, and out of "beta"? Seems IP.Nexus is getting updated frequently, but IP.Gallery is left behind. I'm not being critical. It just looks like more effort is being placed on other things.