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  1. Mandrill Bouncer

    This is so awesome.. also working in IPB 3.3.4.. I also can annoy my user to update their email with bunch of advertisement.. probably Stoo can put more feature like option to "can not post or can not going to any page before you update your email"     A++++++ for the this app... must be app of the month..   Worth it!
  2. ZendCon 2013

    Greek or Geek ? Intentionally  ?
  3. Welcome to The Development Channel

    gooby pls..
  4. Links Directory

    thank you for fixing and continuing to dev this apps
  5. Please, Make the Reputation System stand out!

    +1 asking for an option on 3.3.3 :)
  6. +1 looking for something like this.
  7. Premium Members

    thank RB5, just sharing maybe nexus developer read this. I came out with the idea to create another group, enable on nexus to this group and disable some forum to view and read until the give me the payment and not to verified the email on registration, because when they tried to verify, they will come to be members of exactly can see everything. So when they register, I forced them to buy that I call "Donation ID", they choose, register like usually, they can login. As long they not pay anything, they cant see certain forum/thread. So far the problem only when verified the registration from the email. I am not worried about spammer, on registration we have random hard questions + recaptcha Thanks
  8. Feature request: CAPTCHA plug-ins

    +1 and more value to the owner
  9. login with google account has been created by Marcher
  10. IP Downloads Capability

    thanks, I bought it
  11. IP Downloads Capability

    thank you for answering my question, if I put in zip, can I extract using IP.D ? Like what I have seen on some photo gallerys, zip it, upload it, automaticaly extract. can IP.D do that ? Thanks
  12. IP Downloads Capability

    I have IP.Boards right now, I am willing to buy Ip. Downloads, but I have a question. That IP. Downloads can do like this: I have domain1.tld/downloads/ file , my ip.board is domain2.tld Question, can I put that link to IP. download on domain2.tld and encrypted link to download it? thanks
  13. 1. 2. 3. yes ip.content, featured content, Latest X Post
  14. dono disini

  15. IP.Board password hashing is no longer secure

    I am thinking like the way we encrypt the password with keyword, each installation having 1 keyword that encrypted with the domain, let say sha-1 encrypted domain and with that keyword we encrypted the password. So that possibilities hackers knowing that encrypted domain are 10% :D just my fifty cents..