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  1. Editor resizing

    Thank you Nathan, that worked!
  2. Suggestion: Integrate Steam

    Thanks Madman....done!
  3. Editor resizing

    Has this ability been removed?  Sometimes we have long pinned posts we want to edit and see more of it on screen and would like to resize the editor to be able to do this....but in version I can no longer do this it seems. Is this the expected behavior?  Is there another editor we can install and use?  Can we modify ckeditor to be resizeable?   Thank you in advance! Jason
  4. Sign in through Steam - IPB4

    The only thing that would make me give this 5 stars is if this plugin/addon added a link to the forum profile linking their Steam Account so people could click it and see it!!!  Otherwise, so far, I love this addon!
  5. Suggestion: Integrate Steam

    I concur -- there *IS* an add-on which allows Steam Login Integration -- but I'd like to see a link to the Steam Profile in the Forum Profile for that user and that would make me a happy camper!
  6. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    Really enjoyed this mod for version 3.4.x --- any word on whether or not this will be converted over for version 4.x?
  7. Invision Steam

    Really enjoyed this theme for 3.4.x  --- any thought that this might be updated for IPB 4.x?