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  1. Fastest software to date?

    ​Beta 4.0 performs a tad slower than 3.4.x. But we have done fine tuning for our 3.4.x but not 4.0, we are in the process of doing that with the beta builds. We chose to not bother with any earlier builds because it would be pointless.We are running a dedicated server in the rack here, which will be much faster than your VPS, so no thanks.Performance tests are with stats via New Relic. We are in the process of fine tuning for IPS 4.0, and results are encouraging. Id suspect it will get better with final builds.The point of this topic was to have some discussion about this site, not mine, my site is not of concern (yet).
  2. Fastest software to date?

    ​Yeah not so much.General load time of the main site (cleared cache, hence the DNS look-up time):And general load time of this topic, seems that the processing time has improved, so your tweaks are noted:But I am trusting that it will improve further over time as you suggest.I have much trust in that this site will improve in speed, it is clear now that you are aware of performance issues and are working hard to remedy that, and this (for me at least) is very encouraging indeed.P.S: I am confident in this software so much, that I have purchased (this week) Pages for the first time, because I think I may have use for it. Now it seems to be user friendly.​
  3. Fastest software to date?

    and 122 seconds to submit a post? Really.........Wow you guys have lots of work to do, that is very clear to me.
  4. Fastest software to date?

    I don't know, but you guys (official IPS employees) keep on stating that IPS 4.0 is the fastest version of your software yet, I am not convinced.This is what it took to load the site today (8.8 seconds):This is how long it took to login (17.5 seconds):Now I am in Australia, and it never takes this long to load the site, it is usually only around 2 seconds to load, and about 3 to login. My own beta site is slower than my 3.4.x version. I am yet to be convinced.Seems I am not the only one seeing this:and  
  5. Looking forward in testing IPS4's APC

  6. 4.0 - Front-end Responsiveness Round-up

  7. 4.0 - Moderation Part 5: Warnings

    Very nice tweaks indeed.
  8. IPB vs Xenforo (one has been started in Xenforo)

    Just to prove my point.... IPB - Faster than Xenforo: " alt="12999018925_dbb58c162e_o.png"> Xenforo - slower than IPB: " alt="12999168933_877a034cfe_o.png"> So my point is proven! IPB is faster, better, has more features than other community software - In my honest opinion.
  9. IPB vs Xenforo (one has been started in Xenforo)

    So it seems I have to prove to YOU that XF is faster than IPB. Go figure..... In my opinion, I have already done this, yet no-one here has proven to me that XF is faster than IPB. NO PROOF zero, zip, zippo, nada, zilch , bupkis, null, utterly void , Big Fat Goose Egg, Nothing, nuttin', nunca, blank nichts, nein, nie, Nil, Naught! Semantics? Go figure. I guess if I need the data (which I dont), I gotta do it myself, but yet to see anyone prove it is.
  10. IPB vs Xenforo (one has been started in Xenforo)

    I still see no proof from the people procrastinating about this. Show me proof and I will shut up :smile:
  11. IPB vs Xenforo (one has been started in Xenforo)

    I disagree, and have shown results for my own IPB community above. I have not been able to get results like that with XF. Can you show your results with XF?
  12. IPB vs Xenforo (one has been started in Xenforo)

    I cant speak for anyone, but myself, so here is my results for my own site, the result is from last month. " alt="12986959294_907a68c1cb_o.png"> I have tested Xenforo and have never been able to produce results like above on my production server. I like the support you get with IPB compared to Xenforo, IPB are always professional and get the job done, where Xenforo just fumble. My choice is simply - IPB :thumbsup:
  13. Time to add additional resources to your spam service?

    Oh wow, thanks Rhett for the well informed post! Did you NOT read any part of my post at all? I did not suggest anywhere that I was concerned about this having any performance decrease on my site what so ever, in fact I said: So again, actually just forget I even asked!
  14. Time to add additional resources to your spam service?

    Yet I have seen staff respond to many posts in the past 24 hours, but this one. Hmmmm Tired of hearing that excuse.
  15. Time to add additional resources to your spam service?

    Wow, thanks for the response guys, really appreciate it!