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  1. Johnrc added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Feature Suggestion - Integration with MailChimp

    In your recent releases of IP.Board, you featured integration with MailChimp's transactional system "Mandrill". We signed up and are very happy with the service and company - so much so that we are now using MailChimp for our monthly newsletters.

    As I was browsing through MailChimp's system, I came upon an area called "Integrations" - other companies that have integrated their software with MailChimp. An example of this is PayPal. When a user makes a purchase on PayPal, their email address can be automatically imported into a particular MailChimp list via their API.

    I think that an IPB integration with their service would be great. When a user signs up on our community, there could be an option to opt-in to the newsletter during the registration process. Their email address would then be automatically sent into our MailChimp account. I've attached a screenshot of some of the integrated applications.

    Thanks for your consideration!


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  2. Johnrc added a post in a topic Epic fail   

    Can I please have the final word here? I wasn't here to bash IPS' support or their packages. If any of you has a forum that has gone down (especially a medium to larger forum), you know that feeling of helplessness when you can't bring things back online yourself. Charging extra for priority support is OVERLY reasonable. However, in the past, IPS' support has been so fantastic that I've never really waited more than an hour for emergency tickets (and there have maybe been 3 or 4 in total, ever). And let's be reasonable here... we pay, what... $75 in renewal/year fees.. max?? Let's say a ticket takes 15 minutes to resolve, and the average support personnel costs $50/hour (I'm hoping they make much more than that). That's: 4 tickets/hour @ $12.50 each. $75 = 6.25 tickets/year. You can't b**tch about the cost. I had tickets open for other reasons, and due to the release of their 3.4.2 patch, they couldn't get to those in time. One of those tickets was opened before the notice was posted, so I didn't understand the initial delay in the response. So when a few hours went by when my emergency ticket was open, that compounded effect let me to think that it would take more than just waiting patiently as I received a billion complaint emails. However, as they said the critical ticket did end up getting handled in a timely fashion (less than 5 or 6 hours). In reflection, I realize now that the title of this thread was entirely out of proportion... but with a forum down I guess I was trying to catch someone's attention. In the end, I have no problem paying extra... as long as that option is available. Great company, great service.
  3. Johnrc added a post in a topic This costs money now?   

    I don't believe it was ever open source.

    Here's a link to their site from 2002:
  4. Johnrc added a post in a topic Epic fail   

    As a matter of fact, we're moving to the IPS Professional hosted solution in a few months, at $330/month... I wouldn't even mind paying $40 or $50/ticket if there was an à le carte priority support option. So I have no argument there with the fees. Overall IPS doesn't charge nearly enough in my opinion.

    Either way, they contacted me so I'm happy we'll be able to move forward with troubleshooting. Next time I will take your advice and post on the forums.
  5. Johnrc added a post in a topic Epic fail   

    Thank you for your response. The fact that you responded before they did is rather disconcerting, considering you have no formal affiliation with the company, but I do appreciate it nonetheless.

  6. Johnrc added a topic in Company Feedback   

    Epic fail
    Dear IPS:

    I have four tickets open. One from January 23, one from January 24, and two from January 26. One is a critical/emergency ticket.

    Please respond as soon as possible - this is unacceptable. I realize that one of them falls inside of your 5 day service level agreement, but this is 100% incongruent with the service you've provided in the past.

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  7. Johnrc added a comment on a blog entry White Label Mobile Apps and Android App Beta   

    I was among the first to purchase the white labe service.... still waiting for my iPhone app months later.
  8. Johnrc added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.2.0: Front-end Changes Afoot   

    Those are the most frustrating screenshots ever.
  9. Johnrc added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.2.0: New AdminCP Style   

    I think the blue and pink provide great contrast. It looks like this UI will make life much easier!
  10. Johnrc added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    Problem with checkout process
    I just wanted to inform you of a problem I ran into when purchasing IPB today.

    From the store page:

    If you add the "Conversion Service" to the cart, when you click checkout the IP.Board license doesn't get included in the price. I had to do two separate purchases for the following:


    Next Purchase:
    Conversion Service

    John C.
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  11. Johnrc added a comment on a blog entry IP.SEO Update   

    Getting excited to migrate from vB3 with vBSEO.