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  1. Wordpress-like IP.Blog

    When uploading files such as audio and video files in a blog, can IP.Blog display a download link, times downloaded, total views, etc on the main blog list page? In other words, if a blog contains any uploaded media files, can it display the above info when viewing the page showing the list of all blog entries? Thanks!
  2. Profile fields in memberlist

    Ok, will do. BTW, I didn't know it was in the Pre-Sales forum, since it came up on a search.
  3. Profile fields in memberlist

    How exactly can this be done? Can you give an example? Let's say I want to add a custom profile field named TOTAL HOURS and this field has an ID of 12. With an example, I will be able to figure it out and add as many as needed. Thanks.
  4. Custom PHP pages?

    I've got the hosted community but not IP.Content. I will probably purchase a license for both IP.Board and IP.Content in the next few days though. =)
  5. Purchase IP.Content for hosted site?

    Oh ok. Actually, I am trying to get some funding available, so we can go ahead and purchase the IP.Board and IP.Content license instead, and use it on our own server. Hopefully, these funds will be available tomorrow. I will contact sales tomorrow most likely and get the licenses instead. :D
  6. Custom PHP pages?

    I don't have access to the IP.Content section, even though my original question has been placed there. :ermm:
  7. Now that I have a hosted site with Invision Power, can I purchase IP.Content and add it to my hosted site? Then once I decide to buy IP.Board to use it on my own server, I already have IP.Content purchased as well.
  8. How long for a hosted domain to start working?

    Thanks!!! Let's get down business now. *rolling up sleeves* lol
  9. Querying non-ipboard data via ip.content?

    I know, that's why I said that. Forest is west of Chesterfield, maybe like a 2 hour drive.
  10. How long for a hosted domain to start working?

    Well, I guess I have to wait till tommorow. smh.
  11. How long for a hosted domain to start working?

    Ouch! Glad I posted this because I thought I would have to wait till tomorrow! =) Thanks Charles, I will be checking my email/refreshing this page till my finger goes numb hahaha
  12. Since this morning, my package status appears as ACTIVE in the Client Area but I have yet to receive anything as far as using the Basic 5 package. I paid via PayPal (instant payment) and right away, my invoice appeared as paid and active. Like I said, that was this morning and as 6:16PM EST, I have yet to receive any sort of email from IPB. The only email I have received, was from PayPal when I made the payment. If I click Tickets in the Client area, it shows 6 license keys and 6 input boxes for URLs. That's about it.
  13. Querying non-ipboard data via ip.content?

    Thanks from a fellow Virginian! =) Chesterfield, VA in the house!
  14. Adding link to main menu?

    Yup, already ordered the Basic 5 package and as soon as it's setup, I will be able to have access to all the goodies as far as tutorials and resources.
  15. =( About to give up on IP.Board and IP.Content

    Ok, will do that then... Thanks guys... See you Monday on the Client side asking a ton of questions! LOL PS. You guys can't delete my account? That way I can start from scratch thus being able to use my current email instead of having to wait till Monday?