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  1. Ad-Blocking Detector Premium

    I don't see this working on your site....I am a guest with cookies enabled.
  2. Anonymous Users is Broken

    No matter how you look at it, this feature is broken, period. This discussion has been going on now for years. It should be usergroup permission based, and user decided. With VB I always gave paid members the option to go invisible. With IPB we have the option to allow anyone to go anonymous, no one anonymous, or force all of a certain usergroup to go anonymous if they like it or not. Why can't we have the feature to ALLOW a user to go anonymous ONLY IF their usergroup is ALLOWED to go anonymous? This is one "bug" that really annoys me about IPB. Isn't it time you guys updated this?
  3. Vbseo like system

    it has a built in SEO system. I am not sure how it compares to VBSEO.
  4. With VB it was easy, IPS not so much. I don't want to go through the hassle of changing supper mods to mods no matter how easy it is. I think there should be a setting to disallow super mods from hard deleting. Something we can see in the next version?
  5. IP.Board is working much better than VB4 was!

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    2. Olivier Turbis
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    4. Ikadon


      Not so much bloatware (although sometimes it feels like you could improve something ;) but that's only natural)

  6. YES! This seems like a global problem for both IPS customers and many VB Migrants, VB has a much better way of keeping track of New Content, and New Content that I have Posted in.
  7. Just seen your board. I'll probably send my friend over as he has some odd issue I am unable to find the cause. I could fix it if I knew what was causing it. Tis Japan import though.

  8. Layout almost complete!

  9. You're welcome. :)

  10. I want to thank you for your help on the forums! You are awesome!

  11. Thanks for fixing the issue with Mobile Safari crashing my forum! You are the man!

  12. .htaccess help

    OK, my .htaccess king! I need one more thing... my old forum was and the new forum is just How can I get that to redirect? The .htaccess site I am using must not be correct... Thanks again!
  13. .htaccess help

    thank you. Your code did't give an error so I knew it had to be correct. The only thing I had to add was Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on
  14. .htaccess help

    I have a hosted package here with my forums in the /forums directory. my root directory is just a page showing the directory. I want to set up a .htaccess to redirect my main domain ( to ( I set up a .htaccess file like this but I get a "internal error" when I refresh my home page. //301 Redirect Entire Directory RedirectMatch 301*)$1 Any ideas? Thanks!