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  1. floating header bar when scrolling down

    If you can find someone to create a free tutorial for this skin work, more power to you. :)
  2. floating header bar when scrolling down

    Why would they create a tutorial? I mean, they might if they were super nice, but that's custom work. You're either going to have to do it yourself, hire a skinner or wait for someone to create a FREE tutorial for you. I don't see that last option happening.
  3. floating header bar when scrolling down

    I disagree. That sounds like a hosting issue.
  4. floating header bar when scrolling down

    Don't add it. Keep stock IPB simple. If you want something like that, skin it yourself or go purchase a skin. That would cause a huge headache for many clients.
  5. Required: Sitemap as standard in next IPB release

    That's not fair. The IP.SEO application DOES create sitemaps. You need to do your research in the support topic, just like everyone else did. It works and I'm using it. For the developers... If a sitemap generator is to be included in IP.Board 3.4, I would highly suggest that it give us the ability to define appropriate namespaces. IP.SEO does not give us that option and it's pretty useless for a site that publishes news articles. The idea of being able to use appropriate namespaces is most important. If Google doesn't know what kind of content is being submitted, it doesn't do any good. While the IP.SEO application works, that's about all it does; it creates a sitemap in its most simplistic form.
  6. maybe you could give us a change log?

    Does anyone watch Archer by the way? I know this topic is getting a bit de-railed but I just had to ask.
  7. maybe you could give us a change log?

    That's fine. I'll believe it when I see it. How's that? :smile:
  8. maybe you could give us a change log?

    I'm referring to the pages click via pagination after filters have been updated.
  9. maybe you could give us a change log?

    I read what you said. I also understand that it may take a while for anyone to respond to certain topics or replies. I mean, there have already been numerous members asking about it and it just doesn't seem like a very big deal. Either we're being told to use the useless link in our profile or be at the mercy of the developers...and what's "easier" for them to use. Let's face it, the filtering (and pagination during filtering, mind you) is a joke and doesn't work. Unless I'm just using it incorrectly, that thing is broke. Come to think of it, it is broke and doesn't work as it should. I heard and read what you said though, Wolfie. I'm pretty much acceptable to the fact that the generated report function for changes may, or may not be possible again. Either way, we'll have to live with it. Is it a big deal? No, not really, but I also don't see it being a very big issue for that to make its way back either.
  10. maybe you could give us a change log?

    Maybe, maybe not but it appears as though Brandon is set on the option in the profile, which isn't what is being asked of in this topic to begin with.
  11. maybe you could give us a change log?

    I think we're fighting a losing battle, bigPaws. I'm with ya though.
  12. maybe you could give us a change log?

    Exactly my point. Now give us back our damn Tracker reports IPS! :P
  13. maybe you could give us a change log?

    Good lord. What a pain. Thanks for going through all the effort to get that information. I'd still love to know why we don't have the old system back, where it created the reports for us. I found that very easy to use and thought it was a great way to see everything in one area. I'll probably sift through this stuff, eventually. Thanks again.
  14. maybe you could give us a change log?

    Thanks, Brandon, but that's not what I wanted. I want how it was before. Not just what I have personally submitted to the Tracker.
  15. maybe you could give us a change log?

    I must have missed something during the last few months I've been away. We used to be able to generate reports in the Tracker for what was fixed in a specified version of an application. Where are we supposed to go now to generate reports for that kind of thing?