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  1. Any possibility this might be adopted in the next version tweak?
  2. Statcounter surveys screen resolutions Their methodology seems fairly sound, subject to bias of their member sites, which have not been characterized in detail. (If they were tech-oriented, the data might be slanted.) "Our tracking code is installed on more than 3 million sites globally. These sites cover various activities and geographic locations."These stats are for North America, Dec 2013 to 2014:1024 x 768 is represented twice, by 1024 x 768 and 768 x 1024, for a total of about 16%.Same parameters for Europe, showing 1024 x 768 usage of about 12%:  
  3. Lack of navigation, breadcrumbs is unsettling

    How the heck would I know I'm seeing the mobile view when you're field testing a beta, Charles? For all I know, this is the new universal view. Or maybe it's buggy.Aside from that, I'd like to discuss the navigation in the mobile view. Ironically, my resolutions limitations allow me to check that out, too.  
  4. ​I think we all need to accommodate mobile users as well as desktop users. To me, this indicates an admin option to have two skins, as we have now, or the adaptive option.
  5. What happened to View New Content?

    My res is 1024 x 768
  6. Breadcrumb improvement

    1024 x 768
  7. What happened to View New Content?

    I'd still like mobile users to be able to use the site.If you don't mind, I'd like to use my time to do other things than read the ongoing news of IPS's development cycles.
  8. Breadcrumb improvement

    What monitor resolution do you recommend? I use this one all over the Web.I can get the desktop view ONLY if the browser window is maximized. Anything else, I'm getting the mobile view.
  9. This would make bot identification so much easier. 
  10. What happened to View New Content?

    ​Disable what?
  11. I am finding I need to maximize my window to get the desktop view. Even slightly minimized, I get the mobile view.Having a rigid maximized window open is not the way I work, I generally have a dozen or so of various sizes open at once.I've got a 17" monitor, don't tell me the responsive version of IPBoard doesn't allow for this. I surf all over the Web and don't run into getting stuck in mobile view.
  12. What happened to View New Content?

    Yes, slightly. I'm only getting the desktop view if the window is maximized.This seriously affects the way I work, and not in a good way.
  13. What happened to View New Content?

    Are you telling me if a window is even slightly minimized on a desktop browser, you get the mobile view?????