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  1. Topic Moderators

    I'd purchase this if you could chose to specify which forums it can be used in :)
  2. Little tweak for a better looking forum

    I wouldn't class half of that as essential information, I mean, who really cares about what member no. someone is? The joined date is also viewable in the member profile area. I really don't see the need for it. Just clutter in my eyes, but each to their own :)
  3. ProMenu Plus

    Been using ProMenu 2 for a good while now. Was expecting the option to pay a renewal fee for v3, however, this app offers a lot and as far as the support topic goes, it is well maintained.   More than happy to buy again :)
  4. Global Forum Announcement

    Go to the Moderator CP and click on the "Announcements" tab. That will bring a list up of your announcements.
  5. Overall Feedback of Latest Upgrade After 2 Years

    For a mobile app, I've installed Tapatalk for my forums. It's free to install on your directory but your members have to pay for the app. It supports: iPhone iPad BlackBerry Android Chrome When creating or replying to topics, you can upload pictures and they will be hosted by Tapatalk: :)
  6. Issues with Invision Power Board

    I was thinking it was something to do with the fact that you don't have an active licence.
  7. Classifieds

    A clean application that will compliment any community.
  8. Dates should be localised

    Yup, me like
  9. Live sites?

    Hi bud, feel free to take a look at my store: http://www.northwestbikers.net/forum/index.php?/store/
  10. Multi-Community Forums In One

    Hi mate, as both a biker and gamer myself, I think keeping your gaming site independent and creating a separate biking community would be better. I've noticed your Velocity Gaming board is relatively new. Would it not be considered best practice to concentrate on attracting gamers to the site, instead of changing your point of direction with it so soon?
  11. Addtional Questions about IP.Nexus

    [1] Yes [2] Reporting has been added to Nexus 1.1.0. The recent blog will inform you of the included reporting options:
  12. IP.Nexus included in Hosting Package?

    Apologies, I thought the community was already up and running.
  13. IP.Nexus included in Hosting Package?

    Joshua has made some good suggestions. In return for a subscription, you can also offer: display name changes a custom title a larger PM folder no time limits to edit own posts no flood control Loads of stuff! If people enjoy using your board and are regular visitors, you'll get a few who will upgrade their membership for simple features like those I've mentioned. I charge what I consider to be a very small amount for my "premium" membership, just £5 for the year. In the past 12 months, I've received £200 and that was simply by messing around with settings and changing a few permissions. That money can then be used to go towards more features etc.
  14. Want to Buy Gallery But It Redirects Me To The Store!

    Go to: Client Area > New Purchase(Top RHS corner) > Then select "Buy Now" next to IP.Gallery
  15. IP.Nexus 1.1 Dev Update: Advertisement Enhancements

    Brilliant. Now we're getting somewhere :)