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  1. posted here as i believe to be a nexus the custom ad location is not utilising its own CSS so using within custom blocks it uses the same css as does say a global header ad, im forced to add ads in ipcontent by using raw html, rather than the custom ad loaction in blocks. needs fixing or a reply from ips tech during a ticket;; Regarding the ad locations... yes they do work, however they do not work on IP.Content pages because those are not passed through the template parser, so they may not display correctly. In this instance, you would use standard HTML to display the Ad and the Link.
  2. + 1 also perhaps IPS can tell us how to change the code to work around until such time as its made into a setting. :)
  3. IPS Anniversary - 10 Years Online

    heres to another 10 years :)
  4. IP.Chat error?

    an ips error seems a regular thing of late ........ keep refreshing and it should work
  5. HELP NEEDED: Best Forum Software?

    in short ...... IPS :D
  6. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Reputation Enhancements

    please also bring 'Like this'/reputation for Ipcontent articles
  7. Complete Suite Discounts ?

    thanks Charles :)
  8. hello IPS Sales just wanted to check if theres any complete the suite discounts running ?? well im sure i saw something but cant find via search of topics. thanks and merry Xmas to all at IPS Benny
  9. hi i need a javascript expert for a small job i have a code which rotates images, while viewing a web page. i need these images to be selected randomly from the list of images within the script. the current image on display must hold its position upon browsing to a new page on site. please pm if you are experienced with javascript , should be a 5min job. thanks Benny :)
  10. reputation.php....

    bfarber , can you confirm this suggestion has been received , we need it bad :) thanks benny
  11. Suggestion for mobile skin, it might of been suggested already , but here goes, As a guest browsing, and viewing a topic, i see 'Locked' Might it be wiser to have it say ''Log in' instead. ?? Benny
  12. Suggestion! in the features

    you can already integrate your board into a facebook application :) i think vbull has just made a fancy video lol
  13. reputation.php....

    we need this IPS :)
  14. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: SEO Improvements

    great update , many features are long awaited and its great to have them in the upcoming release :)