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  1. Page title on default app

    Is there a way to make the page title for the homepage / default app just be the website name? Eg. "Invision Power Services" instead of "Forum - Invision Power Services". I can't work out how to achieve this, so I'm thinking it's not possible? I think it should definitely be an option, as this is a pretty standard page title convention across the web.
  2. Pages Pre-release 3

    ​Will relational fields work with all 'content items', eg. forum topics, gallery images?
  3. Beta 4

    Would love another beta soon!  My development has pretty much come to a halt with beta 3/3a due to the upgrade errors
  4. Pages question/suggestion

    Are relational fields coming back? I would love to see a relational field that not only allows you to select records from a defined database, but can also be used to have the user select a gallery image, or a forum topic, and so on.
  5. That would explain it, I have to turn IN_DEV off when I want to look at the front-end since it breaks my front-end at the moment.
  6. Hi, is there any way to catch exceptions in template logic? My template logic includes a \IPS\gallery\Image::loadFromUrl($url); call, and at the moment, if I try to load a gallery image which doesn't exist, I get "exception 'OutOfRangeException'". I'd like to be able to handle this so that the page loads with no image, rather than having the page be entirely broken.
  7. Actually... I've put a CSS file in my plugins\[plugin name]\dev\css directory, but it doesn't seem to be being included on my website. Do I have to do anything else? Edit: Right, you have to download the plugin, uninstall it and reinstall it before any CSS files take effect. Sorry for this mess of a topic.
  8. Never mind, I just discovered the relevant part on https://www.invisionpower.com/support/guides/_/advanced-and-developers/4-0-developer-documentation/plugins-r283 Feel free to close this.
  9. What is the preferred way to add CSS rules with a plugin? I can insert inline CSS with a theme hook into the globalTemplate, but I think inline CSS is discouraged in IPS4. Any better way to do it?
  10. Hi, I just have a simple question. Where in the database are the Block Manager configurations stored? Thanks.
  11. I think 4.0 should allow for italics in page titles, like MediaWiki does. It's useful for websites that take style guidelines seriously, and have pages about television shows, games, etc, that want to display these with italics.
  12. Multiple domains / license question

    But his example has the board accessible via two domains
  13. 4.0 - Simplification of deletion and approval process

    Good news! Simplifications are welcome.   I would also request that the "contains unapproved posts" or "contains unapproved topics" tag is hidden for communities that do not require moderator approval of new content, as I (and I'm sure others do the same) never really delete content, but instead just have our moderators hide all content that we want removed. It's annoying for the mods to constantly see that tag on every single forum and most large topics.
  14. Have a "has tag" filter in the forum view

    Ah, I was thinking in terms of forums that use pre-defined tags, rather than letting users enter their own tags. I think if a forum has pre-defined tags, then the forum should be able to be filtered by those tags.