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  1. Can't log in to the Client Area

    Okie dokie. Sent a mail. Hope it reaches you guys. I want to renew my license ASAP.
  2. Okay I haven't renewed the license since 2010, but I cannot log in to the client area currently. I can't change my e-mail, or even my password as well.   I tried the "Forgot your password" feature, but the recovery e-mail never comes. Not even in spam. I want to purchase the license again. Please help!
  3. The forum is using IPB v2.x.x. The footer gave it away with the Lo-Fi version link. But to answer your question, unless you have advanced skills or you pay someone *with* great skills to do it, then no it's not possible.
  4. Easier Ignore/Un-ignore user

    Me too.
  5. Redundancy in IPB 3.2

    It's presentation really. It looks nicer with your photo next to the reply box. Facebook does this as well, so even if it's unnecessary, it's nice.
  6. An alternative to the removed features

    ....dude, why are you talking about Blizzard and WOW? Don't derail the thread please.
  7. What do you think of 3.2?

    Wow, so I guess posting any external image in a forum is a security risk too. Sorry Matt but I'm afraid you're speaking for yourself on this. "No other site allows this for a good reason." I can show you a lot of communities that DO allow remote avatars, including mine. Security risk? Is it a massive security risk that you had to remove it? Was any 3.1 or 2.x boards hacked because of remote avatars?
  8. The removal of Animated Avatars

    All I want is the return of allowing us to host my avatar externally (without the system saving it like it does with Facebook photos I noticed) and avatar galleries and I'll be happy. That's all I want.
  9. The removal of Animated Avatars

    Good, animated photos will be fixed. Now if only we get to externally host our avatar photo...
  10. yep sure i forgot the pass to it but i know it now

  11. Can you use XBN Skilled instead? That account is not banned... ^^;;
    If you want to still use XBN Jamie, I'll have to contact an admin to unban it.

  12. any chance that i could be unbanned then ? my User is XBN Jamie

  13. Ah yes, IPS Spam Service has been activated in our forums. So that could be the reason why.

  14. do you have ips spam service ? as it counts my xbnation email as spam all the time :@ but any way ok

  15. You sure you were banned? I'll check with your account if you're banned but, I wasn't informed that you were banned.