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  1. Mikey added a review on a file Minty 4.0 by ThemeTree   

    Looking through IPS4 skins and this caught my eye. Very nice skin, well done!
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  2. Mikey added a comment on a file Quiz System   

    ​PM me and I'll look into the issue. I'm not seeing any PM's or posts in the Support Topic..
  3. Mikey added a review on a file Header Image by IPS Themes   

    Excellent product as always, Congratulations!
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  4. Mikey added a post in a topic Show yourself   

    I'm sure Brandon may still have pictures of me in his 'collection' ( ) but here's me recently. 

  5. Mikey added a post in a topic 4.0.1!!!   

    Is there a delta upgrade package for 4.0.1? It's not showing in my ACP
  6. Mikey added a post in a topic Comments on Reviews?   

    ​This is exactly what spurred the idea, Tom.
  7. Mikey added a post in a topic Test content generator?   

    If one did exist I'd imagine it'd only be lorem ipsum etc..
  8. Mikey added a post in a topic Comments on Reviews?   

    ​TBH I hadn't thought of mentions in this scenario - however where would he mention her? A separate review on his own item (file / commerce item) or a completely new topic to highlight the negative review? (Assuming here there are no support topics etc, and it's a Commerce or Downloads only site)
    ​I agree that it could be considered quite niche at times, but it felt like something was missing when I came across this personally. Amazon has this for their reviews and IPS's review system is remarkably close to that one in terms of UX (that's a compliment btw, devs, not an accusation ):

  9. Mikey added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    MISSING_APP_DATA on Delta Upgrade
    The upgrader looks for /application.json in each of the applications directories.
    if( file_exists( \IPS\ROOT_PATH . '/applications/' . $app . '/data/application.json' ) ) If it can't find one it throws the missing_app_data error.
    try { \IPS\Log::i( LOG_ERR )->write( "Error: Missing app data", 'upgrade_error' ); } catch( \RuntimeException $e ){} throw new \LogicException( 'MISSING_APP_DATA' );As the delta upgrade package only contains those files necessary for the upgrade, rather than the entire suite, the error is thrown when upgrading from RC7a to 4.0.0 becauseI personally didn't have the Chat (I don't think it was available as an RC?) application files, and thus, no application.json, and thus, MISSING_APP_DATA.

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  10. Mikey added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Comments on Reviews?
    Is there any chance we can have comments on reviews? I know it may seem like comments on comments, but it could make sense in the case of Commerce and Downloads.
    User story (just for @Mark ):

    Bob releases a file / store item, Sandra leaves a 3 star review which states they're not happy with the product / service provided. Bob wants to improve that 3 star review to a 5 star review, but Sandra has disabled PM's. Bob doesn't have Sandra's email address and no way to contact Sandra. Bob leaves a comment on Sandra's review to see how he can 'fix' the issue to lead to customer satisfaction.

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  11. Mikey added a post in a topic Development Section   

    I'm sure contributors will pop in to help as well when they can. 
  12. Mikey added a post in a topic How to speed up the Background Processes?   

    Do you mean that there actually may be a "Go Faster" button, @Lindy?  
  13. Mikey added a review on a file Cookie Popup   

    Informative. Useful. Free AND Shameless!
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  14. Mikey added a post in a topic Is there other way to have IP. Board ?   

    For 40 people you could easily go for a Community in the Cloud option. Support is stellar and you don't have to worry about licenses and hosting and whatnot. So much easier
    Check it out: https://www.invisionpower.com/cloud-pricing