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  1. Happy new year!!

    Bom Novo Ano!
  2. Signature in Profile

    The file is for 4.x now.  The old file is the .ipb one, which I don't think works.
  3. Introducing: IPS Community Suite 4!

  4. Quiz System

    ​PM me and I'll look into the issue. I'm not seeing any PM's or posts in the Support Topic..
  5. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    My IPS4 sites: http://offtopichut.com & http://www.mature-gamers.com 
  6. Show yourself

    I'm sure Brandon may still have pictures of me in his 'collection' ( ) but here's me recently.   
  7. 4.0.1!!!

    Is there a delta upgrade package for 4.0.1? It's not showing in my ACP
  8. Comments on Reviews?

    ​This is exactly what spurred the idea, Tom.
  9. Test content generator?

    If one did exist I'd imagine it'd only be lorem ipsum etc..
  10. Comments on Reviews?

    ​I agree that it could be considered quite niche at times, but it felt like something was missing when I came across this personally. Amazon has this for their reviews and IPS's review system is remarkably close to that one in terms of UX (that's a compliment btw, devs, not an accusation ):
  11. Comments on Reviews?

    Is there any chance we can have comments on reviews? I know it may seem like comments on comments, but it could make sense in the case of Commerce and Downloads. User story (just for @Mark ): Bob releases a file / store item, Sandra leaves a 3 star review which states they're not happy with the product / service provided. Bob wants to improve that 3 star review to a 5 star review, but Sandra has disabled PM's. Bob doesn't have Sandra's email address and no way to contact Sandra. Bob leaves a comment on Sandra's review to see how he can 'fix' the issue to lead to customer satisfaction.
  12. Development Section

    ​ I'm sure contributors will pop in to help as well when they can. 
  13. Do you mean that there actually may be a "Go Faster" button, @Lindy?  
  14. Cookie Popup

    Informative. Useful. Free AND Shameless!
  15. Is there other way to have IP. Board ?

    For 40 people you could easily go for a Community in the Cloud option. Support is stellar and you don't have to worry about licenses and hosting and whatnot. So much easier Check it out: https://www.invisionpower.com/cloud-pricing