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  1. Signature in Profile

    The file is for 4.x now.  The old file is the .ipb one, which I don't think works.
  2. Introducing: IPS Community Suite 4!

  3. Quiz System

    ​PM me and I'll look into the issue. I'm not seeing any PM's or posts in the Support Topic..
  4. Show yourself

    I'm sure Brandon may still have pictures of me in his 'collection' ( ) but here's me recently.  
  5. 4.0.1!!!

    Is there a delta upgrade package for 4.0.1? It's not showing in my ACP
  6. Comments on Reviews?

    ​This is exactly what spurred the idea, Tom.
  7. Test content generator?

    If one did exist I'd imagine it'd only be lorem ipsum etc..
  8. Comments on Reviews?

    ​I agree that it could be considered quite niche at times, but it felt like something was missing when I came across this personally. Amazon has this for their reviews and IPS's review system is remarkably close to that one in terms of UX (that's a compliment btw, devs, not an accusation ):
  9. Comments on Reviews?

    Is there any chance we can have comments on reviews? I know it may seem like comments on comments, but it could make sense in the case of Commerce and Downloads.User story (just for @Mark ):Bob releases a file / store item, Sandra leaves a 3 star review which states they're not happy with the product / service provided. Bob wants to improve that 3 star review to a 5 star review, but Sandra has disabled PM's. Bob doesn't have Sandra's email address and no way to contact Sandra. Bob leaves a comment on Sandra's review to see how he can 'fix' the issue to lead to customer satisfaction.
  10. Development Section

    ​I'm sure contributors will pop in to help as well when they can. 
  11. Do you mean that there actually may be a "Go Faster" button, @Lindy?  
  12. Is there other way to have IP. Board ?

    For 40 people you could easily go for a Community in the Cloud option. Support is stellar and you don't have to worry about licenses and hosting and whatnot. So much easier Check it out: https://www.invisionpower.com/cloud-pricing 
  13. Hold on, IPS want blank posts?

    It involves a picture of a dog, I believe.(get it, Charles?)
  14. how to create an active community ?

    ​Back when I started forums I had a tried and tested method - it sounds odd but it worked for over a dozen new sites I've opened during the last 10 years. No matter the software. vB, XF, IPS, custom software, whatever.I usually invited a few friends from other forums. It's important to not spam the forums. I can't stress this enough. Do it in a way which doesn't cause a mass exodus and doesn't anger the community admin. It's often a good idea to include the community admin or get their permission beforehand. Luckily I had a forum which I was a staff member on and eventually bought which I was quite close to the admin and he was fine with it, as long as we all remained active on the origin site and it didn't directly compete. In my case I started a graphics community with members from a general discussion community which didn't have a graphical element, so no competition and nothing which catered to that crowd. We all posted on both sites and it worked well.I then introduced post exchanges with other sites. Affiliations with those same sites so we became sort of 'friend sites' or partners so our memberbase was very shared, but we all catered for very different needs. You're running a psychology forum so perhaps find like minded people on general forums. Again, do it in an above board manner, no spamming and no direct advertisements unless it's allowed. There's also services like Postloop (my referral link if you are interested, or just postloop.com) which popped up after I started forums which are great for supplemental members and posts from outside of your core member group. They're very temporary, but it's also a great resource for the aforementioned - find forums, affiliate, make friends and network. It's a lot of networking in the beginning. You'll spend as much time on other peoples forums as on your own.I also used things like Twitter. I have been lucky enough to have a relatively large Twitter following who are forummers because of my history with forums and software, freelancing, coding for various platforms, building my own, etc. It helped drive clicks to my site and registrations.No matter how much traffic your site gains, make sure that it's INTERESTING. You now have the eyeballs, but you need to keep them on your site and convert them to members. For this you need incentivisation, interesting subject matters, and dare I say it - @Rikki's "mot du jure" - gamification. I believe this is why XF started out so strong, the Trophies system. It's easy to do this without systems though, you can have Member of the Month contests, posting games and all sorts of other things. Of course, IP.Board 3.x has the Awards system and countless other mods which make this happen. IPS4 no doubt will have even more gamification options as Rikki and Charles are very fond of it, if memory serves and I think it's even on the feature list for future versions.
  15. Hold on, IPS want blank posts?

    That's taking it to an extreme. It's quite simple. If you don't want blank posts, simply delete blank posts which are made and use the inbuilt warning tools to ensure that members know that it's unacceptable.