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  1. (DDK33) Instant Notifications

    Working on 3.4.4, I love the hook.
  2. Staff Chat

    This is really good, works perfectly for us. Two suggestions I would like to see implemented:   1. When you reach a certain amount of characters, the message just cuts off without any warning. Either A. it should be Twitter style where it tells you how many characters are remaining... or B. it should be like Facebook style where it shows the "more" button to see the entire post.   2. If there was a way to add this to the notification list that would be awesome as well.   I love it though, I hope you continue to support this add on because it's very very useful. It allows our staff to quickly resolve issues. We use to have a hidden forum for that, but this feature has made that Staff forum prehistoric in terms of efficiency.
  3. (DDK33) Instant Notifications

    When will an update come for 3.4.x?
  4. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Can this be used with Nexus?
  5. Ignore user in chat

    Really hoping this is part of the plan for the next upgrade, if it doesn't come soon I might start looking at alternative chat solutions as well.
  6. Support

    No problem, I just thought it was weird since usually the response time is fairly quick. Thanks!
  7. Support

    I'm having this same issue. It's been about 36 hours and no one has responded... it's simple, I upgraded my chat to 20 users and it's still only allowing 5. No response still.
  8. Request: Ignored User Ban

    Ahh, this would be the wrong forum then. My apologies, there are so many forums here sometimes I just did't know where to put the topic. Good point though, I never meant for it to be a default feature of the IP series, unless they allowed it to be a feature that had an "on/off" switch. As an add-on that would be more realistic.
  9. Ignore user in chat

    My two cents: Obviously the ignore feature doesn't really make sense to begin with considering the purpose of a forum is to contribute in a conversation with other users. In chat, it may cause confusion if you place someone on ignore and they are having a conversation with someone else. I understand that aspect but I will explain why it is still a good option to at least have available for users, and why the ignore feature is essential in maintaining a fluid, active, and growing community. The thing is, with a sports forum, fan debates can get heated and I'd rather not moderate but accommodate to all users. To us, we pretty much want to accept any type of opinion, some people can't handle others opinions and want us to moderate, some want to leave the censorship alone... so considering that conflict it would just make sense to allow users to block the content they don't want instead of remaining silent because they find no enjoyment in interacting with a specific user, giving the user full control of their experience instead of making the staff choosing sides. Not to mention, it takes some heat off the moderation staff and provides a clear cut rule: place the user in conflict on ignore or we will warn you. It's not about ignoring someone as much as it is about personalizing the users experience--this is how users will learn to respect the website and most-likely become a returning user knowing that they have control over their account, can block users that they define as "trolls" and can avoid these types of conflicts that will only grow with the size of the community. Right now we only have one sports team, so it's not too bad, but if we ever wanted to expand to harboring all 30 NHL teams, it would be best to have a fully functional ignore feature across all platforms. This should not be limited in the chat (meaning public chats should be included in the ignore function), although it would not be completely convenient to have a well-thought conversation with someone (that's what the message board is for anyway, eh?) it would make the chat a perfect place for high-paced user interaction. For example, for us we use the chat on game days, so during the game users interact with small thoughts and reactions, rarely do people have a deep conversation with each other as they do that on the message boards. Sometimes other users are agitated with others in chat and simply do not join in because "so and so" is chatting. Without a fully functional ignore feature, it actually hurts the health of a community because users find less enjoyment in using some features because other people ruin it for them. These members (the experience ruin-er) are still valuable even if they conflict with other users, because they still contribute to the conversation and some users do appreciate their insight. Therefore, I suggest that this is added in the next IP.Chat installment, and also consider implementation for other apps such as Content, Gallery, etc.. etc..
  10. Ignore user in chat

    +1 on this... currently the only way users can be ignored in chat is via private chat, but I would like to see it implemented on the public chat as well, similar to how the ignore works on the forums.
  11. Request: Ignored User Ban

    It wouldn't happen with ours, we'd catch them before they even got close to getting away with it--everyone at my site knows better than to abuse these types of features... Besides, that would mean they would need 25 different emails. If it were a smaller number, say 5 ignores to ban someone, then I can see it becoming a problem but the number of ignores would be determined by the admin and to safely use the feature I'd say 25-50 would be a good number. Could be 100 if you wanted. If someone did that and took advantage of that feature we would ban them right away, either way I think it's something that most communities could find useful, I'd definitely pay someone to do this.
  12. I'm not sure where to place requests, but I think it would be an excellent feature. Here's how it would work. Once a user reaches a specific amount of ignored lists (lets say 25 for the sake of explaining, but the number would be determined by the admin) then they would be instantly banned from the community. This would encourage users to ignore users that annoy them instead of putting more weight on the moderation staff to hash out issues. On rather large forums it would work beautifully to resolve confrontations because then users would actually ignore the users that annoy them and cause a rift instead of causing confrontations in an effort to get them banned. They'll know in the back of their mind they are contributing to the community by weeding out the "trolls" instead of relying on the staff to make unpopular decisions.Therefore killing two birds with one stone... avoiding confrontation with posters by using the ignore feature and allowing the community to decide when someone is a threat to the popular opinion. When you have 20 different users ganging up on another one who isn't technically breaking the rules (just sharing an unpopular opinion), it forces the moderators to make hard decisions. If the onus is placed on the community, I think it would make them happy to use the ignore feature.
  13. Ignore Comments?

    Is there an ignore feature for IP.Content?
  14. IP Gallery questions

    Hmm, still not sure if this would help me considering I would need the block to be inserted into an individual post -- as well as showcasing individual albums at the bottom of the article for each separate game. It sounds like it's possible but I don't think it necessarily fills the purpose I would use it for. Isn't there a trial I can use to see if it works?
  15. IP Gallery questions

    I know IP.Content allows you to create your own blocks, would this qualify?