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  1. 4WD1 added a post in a topic Login Required to View Board   

    Of course, you just click a button.
  2. 4WD1 added a post in a topic should I change to IPS   

    You have 32 members you said, I really suggest you to use IPS Cloud, you got all the aps with a little price and with no need to be an expert in something, they can solve you any issue you have. Or if you are rich enough to buy the full suite self hosted, and then host it and got no help from no-one, then you can do that. But, I think the cloud idea is the best. 
    P.S: I am self-hosted, but I am in this business for 8 years now.
  3. 4WD1 added a post in a topic Probably asked & answered, yearly cost of software   

    You can renew your support only for forums, you don't need to renew for all of them. But if you renew the support only for forums you will got updates only for that. But even if you don't renew anything you can still use your suite, no-one is closing your site for not renewing. But if you want updates to a specific/all apps then you need to renew. It's really simple to understand to be honest.
  4. 4WD1 added a project in Projects   

    User Control Panel
    There's a mod for GTA:SA called SA:MP and I've got a server. I'd like to combine the databases of the forums and the game, meaning a new account on forums means a new account in-game and viceversa. It needs a user control panel which I want to be on forums (it should contain a ban list, player manager, log searching, etc.) along with an admin panel for server administrators to manage players. For more details feel free to drop me a PM with any question you might have, along with an offer ($).
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  5. 4WD1 added a comment on a blog entry IPS Anniversary - 10 Years Online   

    Happy birthday and I hope in the future will be "IPS Anniversary - 50 years online"
  6. 4WD1 added a post in a topic remove all+ban members in one click   

    IPB have a function, automated, when a bot/member make spam, IPB have some levels of warnings, at one level, that member is autmaticly moved to banned users.
    "Spam Monitoring Service"