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  1. TCB added a post in a topic Fixed width layout   

    Of course the customer should be able to decide if he wants to use the forum with a fixed width or floating. This should be nothing more than a setting in the ACP.

    I don't care which of the two is better. Instead of having a debate on this, just give us the option and let us decide for ourselves (like vBulletin does for example).
  2. TCB added a post in a topic Do you want the ability to re-size photos (avatars), to come back?   

    I've upgraded to 3.2.1 but can't find this new feature anywhere. Where should it be?
  3. TCB added a post in a topic Why 3.2 ?   

    I also have this overkill of white lines when I reply or start a new post. Horrible

    I'm on Chrome (Mac)
  4. TCB added a post in a topic Portal or Content summary page   

    hear, hear..... it's extremely user unfriendly and throws community managers back to the Old Ages. It's the most old fashioned way of setting up content pages I've seen in many years. I really thought that it would be at least as intuitive as vBulletin or Wordpress. Boy, was I wrong
  5. TCB added a post in a topic IP Content Basics Video Tutorial   

    I guess nobody's listening.... the term 'feedback' and 'official support' hardly means anything on the official IP board. Most of the help comes from other IPB customers. Very weird and hard to get used to.
  6. TCB added a comment on a file Global Forum Message   

    It works as advertised. Only one announcement possible, but very handy nonetheless
  7. TCB added a topic in IP.Gallery   

    Requests for IP.Gallery
    Recently being converted from PhotoPost to IP.Gallery I start to miss quite a few options that I (and my moderators/members) was used to.

    Features/options that I currently miss:

    * option to limit upload size per categorie (Global Album), per usergroup
    * option to set one (or more) categories (Global Albums) to allow (certain) usergroups to create their own albums
    * option to change the default way sub albums are presented (I prefer one bar on top with latest additions and then thumbnails for all sub albums, sorted in a preset order)
    * option to set a permission for an album and have that been copied to all sub-albums.
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  8. TCB added a post in a topic Marketplace organization   

    That all depends on what the author adds as info to his submission:

    Compatible with:

    [.] 3.0
    [x] 3.1
    [x] 3.2

    Then it should be listed in the 3.1 compatible list AND 3.2.

    What I don't like is the current setup:

    There's a Marketplace blog, many times with nothing more than a snippet of the full download description. Then there's the link to the Marketplace. This should be the most valuable place for the download, but then there's a link to the forum where people can discuss? And that first post on the support topic doesn't feature information like price and supported IPB version?

    It makes no sense.

    Skip the blog, and add the options to comment and ask for support to the download. One page, not three. Using IP.Download, IP.Board and IP.Blog isn't a great way to showcase the advances.
  9. TCB added a post in a topic Controlling image display in 3.2   

    That's another very weird decision! Turning off images in your browser make ALL images dissapear. Avatars, buttons, banner, etc. That's absolutely not the same as simply turn of images in signatures?
  10. TCB added a post in a topic Do you want the ability to re-size photos (avatars), to come back?   

    Absolutely yes.

    With vBulletin I was used to set a maximum size per usergroup. I not only used this option, but also the option to set one size for ALL members. Weird, why this limitation? I don't see the advantage of it.
  11. TCB added a post in a topic Conversion from Photopost 7.03 not supported?   

    I have contacted support and Ryan updated the conversion script. Since the conversion of vbulletin to IPB isn't going that smoothly, I can't really say if the updated photopost 7.03 conversionscript works as it should (yet).

    As soon as the conversion is done, I will post my results here.
  12. TCB added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    Conversion from Photopost 7.03 not supported?
    Me and my website team members are thinking about moving from the vBulletin Publishing Suite (4.1.4) to Invision. I noticed that on the conversion site vBulletin 4.0 is mentioned. Does this convertor also support the 4.1 forum?

    Besides the messageboard we are using Photopost 7.03. One of the main reasons to switch to Invision is the build in support for a gallery (yes, as a separate module). But the same conversion site mentions that conversion from Photopost 6.2 is supported.

    I guess (hope?) that this information is outdated and that this script can convert (import) my Photopost 7.03 galleries? Version 7.0 has been released in december 2009?

    Does this conversion tool duplicate all galleries (meaning that during this proces the required space is doubled)? And how server intensive is this proces? I'm hosted on a semi-dedicated plan (sharing a server with 15 websites) and wonder if this conversion of a 10Gb gallery will cause problems.
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