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  1. [TZ34] Greetings

    Great, thank you!
  2. [DR] IP.Content Live Streams

    Simply, great!
  3. ProMenu Plus

    Thank you! :)
  4. [HQ] Awards

    Why do we have to pay for the same files? I have already purchase jlogica award system and now just because you have new rights over jlogica file are you asking for another payment?       +1 look i have paid once for jlogica and now asking me for another payment, that sucks!
  5. [HQ] Awards

    What happens with jlogica board? We need some update for award system ...
  6. Thank you again for listen, cheers!
  7. Sliding Pop-up Message Box

    [quote name='flash_merged' timestamp='1339715383'] Does this work with 3.3.x?
  8. Pending File Message

    Works fine on ipb 3.3.x & ipd 2.5.x Thank you!
  9. (DP31) Advanced Post Icons

    Respect your work!
  10. (RC34) Automatic post when moving topics

    Requesting update to 3.3.x
  11. Name or Quote in Fast Reply