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  1. Just a few ideas for vouchers first a use by date so that you can close of any unused vouchers after xyz years ? secondly a balance of unused vouchers ? I know they are deemed as payed and added as a credit, but until it is spent that is not my money especially if i have people using downloads to sell items, they could use that voucher money to spend there and then that money goes to the vendor not me.
  2. Secondary Forum Titel Icons

    you can add an image there by using the forum description / html as well
  3. rather than bump maybe ask a specific question
  4. Advertisement packages dedicated vs. rotating

    First I did not design the the system so don't get upset with me just trying to help is all. but yes you would set the ad to one and you would need to reset the system each time it was available, this because people may choose to renew if that was an added option. As for the pre booking the other way would be to make single use ad blocks say for each month, not with that I am not sure if that would work because I do not think you can set the time / date range for an ad to run into but I may be wrong on that. Your probably going to find other problems with renewal options as well for example if the do not renew the ad stays in the system /or the renewal option remains, but lets say you delete the ad, the renewal option still remains meaning they can renew an ad that does not even exist, so keep your eye on that as well. I am not sure the best way to treat that would be other than to not allow renewal of ads, or if you do have that option then you would need to delete the ad from the clients nexus account then delete the ad and to do that is tiny bit complicated with clickng back n forward trying to locate what ad is what. In many way if an ad is not renewed it should forfiet the option to renew once it has gone past the renewal date ? There are other problems like not being able to name the ad that make things even harder. Happy to learn from you as well if you have any Ideas, but for now you have what you have.
  5. Advertisement packages dedicated vs. rotating

    to make it dedicated is simple, you only allow one ad to be loaded for that spot / thats as hard as it gets.
  6. Very Poor Support

    looks like your getting your peppermint in a twist the support is number one its the weekend still so relax help is on the way.
  7. Calendar moderator notification

    If you have IPC just create a few block feeds for your calendar and run that to a admin only page, then in your categories forums create a admin only section and add a forum that redirects to that page. Once you have done that when you log in just hit the forum and it will redirect and pretty well anything you want is all listed up, you can add other things to the page as well and make it your own update center and you do also have the mod cp updates option as mentioned but this was is faster for most things. I also think there is a mod in downloads that looks after this as well ?
  8. Multi-Moderation...

    not sure if there are better ways but if you have content build a block to find any unapproved posts, then add it to a admin only page, from there finding any unaproved post anywhere on your board takes seconds. or you may need to file a mod request and have something built ?
  9. Multi-Moderation...

    yes if you do not have many options or forums you will re post to make a multi mod for each one / other than that you would need a hook made to do what you wanted or just use the inbuilt normal move post option but this would not give you a auto reply and that would need to be done manual.
  10. If you use the attach files option below you can select images from your hard drive to load up. once they are loaded you can select where ou want the image and then select add to post.
  11. Forum Rules.. Yikes IPB

    @csm - let me be very clear - I love IP to bits, everywhere I go I preach IP, the people, the staff, the app, the support, everything about IP I love, There is also nothing wrong with saying it as it is unless we live in a state of dictatorship, So as it stands nothing was broken and there are no obvious reasons as to why these changes were made. A few more things to think about is first the bbcode editor, what a pig of a thing to use, it has to be the only bb editor of its type I have ever come across online, so used to flicking to editor mode and then ? o yuk get me out of here, what was that, but the logic of it is that to re implement what was taken away or the ability to add script, we now need to know how to build a bb code to add script back into the system. Once we have done that you need to cut and dissect any script to get it back into the system, and it is very important that you set the b code to admin only ( to prevent bad script being added ) to add the script back to what ever was an admin only area anyway. Same result with a now complicated method, that potentially opens up to more errors than before, I to hope it is just yep OK put back what was not broken we called that one wrong, if not a long way around for the same results and probably paying the first hook writer with a fix to put it back as it was.
  12. no they have to pay the fiddler man if they want to hear the music, so your good.
  13. yes that would be correct / the ad would be placed into the expired ads section and would not show, as for what happens after that ? I need to test because it looks like if i delete that ad the customer may still re order it / even if it is deleted from expired so that may cause a problem where the renew option stays in the ucp ? still some testing to do there / others may know how that works / but i know i my tests it had expired, the option to renew was there so i deleted the ad could still renew it ?
  14. for an ad package, you would leave the start day blank but instead dial up above 30 days / that image is from the add and ad section of nexus not add a ad package for nexus / so sorry and is a different thing as suggested by the op so yes pt your correct sorry. picture and words do not match. my error if doing a package you set the days
  15. Forum Rules.. Yikes IPB

    Well after discovering that I could no longer add script I was shovelled of here to this thread, while I read the words trying to shoehorn / I think many used this as a way to use an area to allow forum sponsorship or per forum advertising which is not available in any other "advertising system" as it does not exist. So givien the limitations of any exiting options / non third party options to do this, we now are penalised with the removal of a system that hurt no one, nor hurt anything, yet for no reason other than to complicate what was not complicated it has been removed with a unworkable option and is about as handy as buying a bucket with holes. You have to wonder why people fix things that are not broken, before it was a way that worked and allowed people to use it this way should they wish to do so, the whole premis of shoehorn is not justified if it were nobody would make a hook at at all, instead we would just use what we have. So instead of a real asset we now have a system that does not work and is broken / does not work (now until the next upgrade) so you left with banners you can not change or broken banners you need to pull down because of the errors. Lastly you now need to look at getting a hook or something made to put back the functionaboitity that was taken away for no real purpose reason or rhyme. It seems on one hand I am amazed by the sheer brilliance and thinking behind IP and it's direction, then keep slapping my head on other things. @ Michael / the response is in general to the frustrations of this decission not your post / reply.