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  1. Secondary Forum Titel Icons

    you can add an image there by using the forum description / html as well
  2. rather than bump maybe ask a specific question
  3. Very Poor Support

    looks like your getting your peppermint in a twist the support is number one its the weekend still so relax help is on the way.
  4. Calendar moderator notification

    If you have IPC just create a few block feeds for your calendar and run that to a admin only page, then in your categories forums create a admin only section and add a forum that redirects to that page. Once you have done that when you log in just hit the forum and it will redirect and pretty well anything you want is all listed up, you can add other things to the page as well and make it your own update center and you do also have the mod cp updates option as mentioned but this was is faster for most things. I also think there is a mod in downloads that looks after this as well ?
  5. Multi-Moderation...

    not sure if there are better ways but if you have content build a block to find any unapproved posts, then add it to a admin only page, from there finding any unaproved post anywhere on your board takes seconds. or you may need to file a mod request and have something built ?
  6. Multi-Moderation...

    yes if you do not have many options or forums you will re post to make a multi mod for each one / other than that you would need a hook made to do what you wanted or just use the inbuilt normal move post option but this would not give you a auto reply and that would need to be done manual.
  7. If you use the attach files option below you can select images from your hard drive to load up. once they are loaded you can select where ou want the image and then select add to post.
  8. Forum Rules.. Yikes IPB

    @csm - let me be very clear - I love IP to bits, everywhere I go I preach IP, the people, the staff, the app, the support, everything about IP I love, There is also nothing wrong with saying it as it is unless we live in a state of dictatorship, So as it stands nothing was broken and there are no obvious reasons as to why these changes were made. A few more things to think about is first the bbcode editor, what a pig of a thing to use, it has to be the only bb editor of its type I have ever come across online, so used to flicking to editor mode and then ? o yuk get me out of here, what was that, but the logic of it is that to re implement what was taken away or the ability to add script, we now need to know how to build a bb code to add script back into the system. Once we have done that you need to cut and dissect any script to get it back into the system, and it is very important that you set the b code to admin only ( to prevent bad script being added ) to add the script back to what ever was an admin only area anyway. Same result with a now complicated method, that potentially opens up to more errors than before, I to hope it is just yep OK put back what was not broken we called that one wrong, if not a long way around for the same results and probably paying the first hook writer with a fix to put it back as it was.
  9. Forum Rules.. Yikes IPB

    Well after discovering that I could no longer add script I was shovelled of here to this thread, while I read the words trying to shoehorn / I think many used this as a way to use an area to allow forum sponsorship or per forum advertising which is not available in any other "advertising system" as it does not exist. So givien the limitations of any exiting options / non third party options to do this, we now are penalised with the removal of a system that hurt no one, nor hurt anything, yet for no reason other than to complicate what was not complicated it has been removed with a unworkable option and is about as handy as buying a bucket with holes. You have to wonder why people fix things that are not broken, before it was a way that worked and allowed people to use it this way should they wish to do so, the whole premis of shoehorn is not justified if it were nobody would make a hook at at all, instead we would just use what we have. So instead of a real asset we now have a system that does not work and is broken / does not work (now until the next upgrade) so you left with banners you can not change or broken banners you need to pull down because of the errors. Lastly you now need to look at getting a hook or something made to put back the functionaboitity that was taken away for no real purpose reason or rhyme. It seems on one hand I am amazed by the sheer brilliance and thinking behind IP and it's direction, then keep slapping my head on other things. @ Michael / the response is in general to the frustrations of this decission not your post / reply.
  10. Facebook and Twitter to Profile

    update for people reading the above <if test="cf_facebookfk:|:$f->raw_data['pf_key'] == 'facebookfk'"> < a class='url' href='hxxp://{$f->parsed}'>{$f->parsed}</a> < else /> * note the xx is just to remove the live link so please replace it with tt when adding the updates / locate this line in the middel ( before the </if> ) {$f->parsed} then add the update above and the end if below for the end if for each additional new contact you wish to add example <if test="cf_facebookfk:|:$f->raw_data['pf_key'] == 'facebookfk'"> < a class='url' href='hxxp://{$f->parsed}'>{$f->parsed}</a> < else /> {$f->parsed} </if>
  11. Facebook and Twitter to Profile

    buddy the images are not helping me at all, if you do not want to post your url send a pm / other than that it is just guessing in the wind, sorry
  12. Facebook and Twitter to Profile

    do you have a link as i am not really following this ? where is it showing the url twice ? are you adding just the name or the full url to the input field / it should be just the name / or extension so to speak ?
  13. Facebook and Twitter to Profile

    Could you explain a little more the ic really does not tell me what or where any problem is
  14. Facebook and Twitter to Profile

    Just adding the twiiter options as above field title > Twitter > fieldkey = twitterfk <if test="cf_twitterfk:|:$f->raw_data['pf_key'] == 'twitterfk'"> <a class='url' href='hxxp://!/{$f->parsed}'>{$f->parsed}</a> <else /> </if> style_extra/cprofile_icons/twitter.gif -
  15. Facebook and Twitter to Profile

    for you and those that follow first go to your acp / members / custom profile and you can one or more of the following fields field title > facebook > fieldkey = facebookfk field title > youtube > fieldkey = youtubefk and i also ran a email / message connection as well field title > email > fieldkey = emailfk once that is sorted follow the guide above to edit the ACP / "Profiles" -> customFieldGroup__contact once there you can add the following <if test="cf_youtubefk:|:$f->raw_data['pf_key'] == 'youtubefk'"> <a class='url' href='hxxp://{$f->parsed}'>{$f->parsed}</a> <else /> <if test="cf_facebookfk:|:$f->raw_data['pf_key'] == 'facebookfk'"> <a class='url' href='hxxp://{$f->parsed}'>{$f->parsed}</a> <else /> <if test="cf_emailfk:|:$f->raw_data['pf_key'] == 'emailfk'"> <a class='url' href=' hxxp://{$f->parsed}'>{$f->parsed}</a> <else /> * note with the email url replace with your url ** it is also important to add 3 ( or the required amount depemdant an how many fields were placed ) end if statements below (just add them before the others there) </if> </if> </if> then save and your done. lastly you can go into your cpanel and upload the images (supplied below) to this path > public_html/public/style_extra/cprofile_icons (check your image path and adjust if need be) go back into your ACP members / custom profile fields and add these image lines to profile icon field style_extra/cprofile_icons/facebook.gif style_extra/cprofile_icons/youtube.gif style_extra/cprofile_icons/Email.png save and yur done. (if you change the image name then edit the image path to match * NOTE with the email / message option this runs straight from the built in message / mail system that if thier alerts are set correct they will get an email and or message. to stop a long url being diplayed all they need to do is add thier Member ID number which is shown in the url bar at the top when they are logged into their profile and would be entered like this example > MemberID=21 This option keeps email / contact details private. you can visit an example here > ok enjoy. edit, will add a twitter one later tonight / sorry missed that one