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  1. New Bug In Gallery

    Since the update to latest version yesterday, if I upload 5 images, add information to each photos, I get a warning message that information has not been filled out for 4 images. If I hit OK, everything works perfectly. I am not sure why this warning message is appearing.    Thanks,   Chris
  2. image.jpg

    From the album 2

  3. Hello Missy!

  4. Hello Missy!

  5. Next Verstion Of Gallery

    I have 3 sites that interrgrate IPB with Photopost Pro. That works well, but like you, I want to see IP.Gallery work as well and then use that instead.
  6. Suggestion: Notifications on image comments

    They can choose to 'Follow this image' once they upload it. But I do agree, I left feedback for IP.Gallery to provide this option during uploading. MIght even hire a programmer to do it for me.
  7. Next Verstion Of Gallery

    Thank you. I can't wait for the next Gallery release!!
  8. Next Verstion Of Gallery

    With IPB 3.3 out now, would it be best to wait for the next version of Gallery before upgrading my IPB? I don't see any topics that say the new version of Gallery is in beta mode yet, so the time table is probably a few months away?
  9. Sask


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  10. Gallery 4.2 Suggestions

    Invision has a great chance here to dominate the photo gallery market. the vb/photopost combo is better right now, but has not changed or improved in 7 years. photopost is run by a guy who just could n't care less. I want invision gallery to be better so badly because y'all make great products and actually pay attention to what your customers want. Here is my suggestion. Make a $500 photo gallery filled with better features than photopost and photo gallery site owners will buy it. do this inaddition to a lighter $79 version y'all currently offer. i'll post some specific things iD' dig tomorrow!
  11. IP.Board 3.2.0: Notifications, Part 2

    Will there be notifications to alert users when someone leaves a comment on a picture they uploaded to gallery? Thanks, Chris
  12. IP.Gallery 4.0 General Feedback

    I finally got around to testing out the gallery. This is an outstanding script you folks created. I am just excited about being able to try it out on my site ( a Canadian ghost town and backroads community). I have over 23,000 photos on my site, and hope this new gallery can handle that better then the current gallery. What I am most excited about is how so much thought went into making it so user friendly, and rich with features. If y'all put out a beta version for users, I'd be interested in trying it out. Thanks Invision, I am very very glad I switched from photopost to!!!
  13. Notify when someone comments on your gallery

    Yes I am hoping that version 4 provides this. It is very much required.
  14. IP.Gallery 4.0 - Media Uploading

    I'm looking forward to this verision 4! Great work! :)
  15. My 2 Cents

    For the end users: 1) email notifications when people comment on the photos they uploaded. 2) ability to 'Watch' a category, and includes all the subcats as well. 3) a direct link to the most recent comments and uploads, going back at least a month. The 'New Content' link misses most of the comments it seems like. For admin panel 1) ability to sort categories by name 2) Ability to set meta title and description for categories, even if the meta title is different then how the category title is presented. For example, I'd like to call the 'Saskatchewan' sub-category 'Saskatchewan Ghost Towns' in the meta title 3) Ability to view how many pictures views for by day week or month or overall page views for the entire by same The end user issues are more important then the admin ones. The end users love the new gallery except for those 3 things mentioned, and they are very important. Thank you, I am glad that y'all created a gallery good enough to replace photopost, and I look forward to see you leap in front of them, bring gallery webmasters nothing but joy and happiness. Chris | Exploring Rural Canada Through Photography