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  1. sijad added a file in Commerce   

    Braintree Payment Method v1.0.0
    Braintree Payment Method
    Braintree a division of PayPal is an American company that helps online businesses process credit card payments by providing a merchant account. Braintree easily let accept Credit and debit Cards or payments via PayPal and Coinbase.
    Braintree Features
    Small fee 2.9% + $.30 per transactionFree Processing for first $50K (More Info)Available in +40 countriesSupport +130 currenciesAccept most credit and debit cardsNo Minimum or Monthly FeesFraud protectionNo fees for refunds or failed transactionsMethod Features
    Easy InstallEasy SetupAccept Credit CardPay Via PayPalAccept Bitcoin Via CoinbaseRefundUseful Links
    Braintree FAQDemoRequirements
    PHP +5.4.0Needed PHP extensions: xmlwriter, openssl, dom, hash, curl (Checker)HTTPS for using PayPal
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  2. sijad added a comment [Plugin] "Like this file? Leave a review"   

    Hi, I'm interested, PM sent
  3. sijad added a post in a topic Remote Login   

    it has an built in option for this:
  4. sijad added a post in a topic Remote Login   

    an updated version of this script available here:
    you can fetch profile field like this:
  5. sijad added a post in a topic - Where list of members?   

    i guess it will do it
  6. sijad added a post in a topic license weird   

    when your license is expired you can't download any version, even version you had access before expired
  7. sijad added a post in a topic Favorite Browser?   

    Firefox for its awesome developer tools and firebug also temper data plugin
    Chrome for other real browsing
  8. sijad added a comment Conversion from Huddler to IPB   

    I'm interested
  9. sijad added a comment SSO & API Configuration Between IPS & Main App   

    Hi, I'm interested
  10. sijad added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Use convertutf8 to convert to utf8mb4
    Hi, it seems convertutf8 is useless after installing or finishing upgrade to IPS4, i need to convert a community from utf8 to utf8mb4, it would be great if we could use convertutf8 for convert to utf8mb4.
    more details:
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  11. sijad added a file in Multimedia   

    Before/After :: Image Compare Tool v1.0.0 build2
    Before/After is a common and easy way to show and compare two different image, this mod will let you add this ability to your community easily.
    Online Demo
    Easy to Use and EditCKEditor ButtonFully ResponsiveMobile/Touch FriendlyHorizontal and Vertical Orientations
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  12. sijad added a post in a topic Bitcoins   

    Hi, it wasn't really a problem, and it's working right now
  13. sijad added a comment InterMedia - Dawid Pieron   

    Hi, you can download it in marketplace:
  14. sijad added a comment InterMedia - Dawid Pieron   

    Hi, you can download it in marketplace: